So I saw Fam Doc yesterday and it was a relatively quick visit.

Not much is up other than this damn cold and Fam Doc (along with The Hubbs and Fam Doc’s Nurse V), with good reason, is worried. For most people, having a cold and flu is relatively unpleasant and something you just deal with. Being someone with a compromised immune system means that everyone goes into high alert and starts keeping a pretty keen eye on your well-being.

Surprisingly, as sucky as having this cold is, I’m not feeling too shabby *knock on wood*

Fam Doc did a quick couple of checks and yup, I’m sick. My throat’s red, my ears are red, but thankfully my chest sounds really clear… at least, it did yesterday. Today, I’m not quite as sure. I’ve got The Cough(tm) now and I think my chest sounds a bit rattle-y. The biggest question about me being sick is trying to figure out whether what I’ve got going on is a viral or bacterial infection. If it’s viral, tough pattooties, I gotta just tough it out cuz meds won’t do anything. If it’s bacterial, well… things get a little iffier there: antibiotics are on the table and cross your fingers I don’t get worse.

For the moment, we have to give it a couple of more days — if I don’t feel better by halfway through Saturday, I have a wonderful prescription for my favourite Levaquin (cousin to the very evil ciprofloxacin which I am rather allergic to, but interestingly am okay with levofloxacin) to fill out. As much as Fam Doc would like to treat me as a normal patient with a normal cold and send me home with the instructions for lots of rest and fluids, having the whole reduced lung function and being immumo-suppressed, it’s one of those cases where we have to be, to an extent, hyper-vigilant so that something as unassuming as a cold doesn’t turn into something extremely scary like pneumonia. Cuz if that happens? Then we’re really up shit creek and in trouble.

So for now, rest and fluids like a normal person — though I really wish I could take Neocitran. I miss Extra Strength Neocitran. I never thought I would ever say that I miss a drug, but you normal people out there… yea, Neocitran rocks for when you have a cold and you just wanna hunker down in bed and pass out in a blissful, restful sleep. *sigh*

Plans for the day? Not much. Do a little JFC prep & marinating work and then perhaps crawl back into bed for the rest of the day.

So much for having a nice long weekend :/


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