So, good news and bad news… well, sort of bad news.

My lungs are looking relatively okay — there is an increase in damage and scarring in my lungs since I was first diagnosed, but it’s to be expected and it’s not horribly bad. Test-wise, my blood gas results are looking good, and I still have a decreased amount of oxygen happening, but it’s not enough that the government will pay for oxygen. CT Scan results show the increased scarring, but there are no blood clots, which is good.

As far as Hawt Doc’s concerned, even though there is increased damage to my lungs, he doesn’t see there being any need to increase the Imuran or put me back on the Cyclophosphamide (chemo drug) at this time. He’s still hopeful that we can find a way of getting the government to pay for my oxygen through some means — blood gas results aren’t low enough to go on so that’s out for now still, if my levels drop considerably with the 6 minute walk test there’s a still a chance there but I will have to do the test with an "impartial body" so we’ll test drive that idea again in November, and there’s still the possibility of a sleep test result. We shall see what happens in the next few months time, I guess.

Aside from that, my cold still hasn’t gotten any better and I am teh ti-red. Hawt Doc has given me the green light to fill the antibiotics prescription since it’s been a week since it’s started and I’m not getting any better. He has a pretty low thresh hold as to when I get prescribed antibiotics compared to most patients, apparently.

Something new and nifty is that I am going to be changing meds. We’re changing from the Revatio ("viagra") to Adcirca ("cialis"). Difference between the two medications aren’t all that great, but it means that I’ll be getting a higher dosed medication once a day with the Adcirca as opposed to the lower dose of Revatio three times a day. The only thing with this medication is that because it’s only been recently approved for useage for Pulmonary Hypertension, it’s not yet covered by the government, unlike the Revatio. According to Hawt Doc, it will eventually end up on the same government list, we just have to give it time. Meanwhile, technically I would have to pay for this out of pocket, but Eli Lily has a compassionate care program (or something to that effect) which would cover the cost of medication for me and have it delivered straight to my door. Woo! No more driving to the other side of town once a month! We just had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and they will speak to all the insurance companies on my behalf. How awesome is that? I don’t have to personally talk to the insurance companies!

So yea, that’s the lowdown on what’s going on with SALLY.


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