That was fast o_O;;

Early this morning, I got a call from Toronto.

The pharmacy that dispenses Adcirca phoned to go over information with me. Tomorrow, I will be getting my first delivery of meds to my door.

I am really quite surprised at how quickly that came together. I’m more used to things taking at least a couple of weeks before anything happens. Turns out that Manulife does cover Adcirca, but it falls under the category requiring special paperwork and so it might take a bit before everything’s all squared away. Since they want me starting the prescription ASAP, I’m being sent my first month’s worth tomorrow and the pharmacy is going to let Eli Lily take care of the resulting costs without me having to wait until everything gets approved.

Seriously, whoa.

In the meantime, I have a completely untouched, unopened box of Revatio in my possession that I picked up on Tuesday when I was getting all my tests done and most of a blister pack leftover from the last month’s prescription. I spoke to one of Hawt Doc’s nurses this morning, seeing as I didn’t get to see them in clinic yesterday and they generally like me to see one of them whenever I show up for appointments, and she said to hold onto the box since there’s nothing that can be done with it since it’s already been paid for and handed over to me.

If on the off chance my body doesn’t like the Adcirca, at least I wouldn’t have to wait around to start the Revatio again, but they don’t see it being an issue and I will most likely have no problems with the new meds. The most they can do with the box is use it as a teaching aid for other nurses, but otherwise it’d basically be tossed in the garbage.

Interesting food for thought, isn’t it? ;)


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