I brought Sahmy to the vet bright and early this morning to have some bloodwork done.

Monday she’s having surgery to have a whole bunch of teeth removed due to a fairly bad case of genetic gum disease…

I feel badly because we had to have her fast 12 hours and then she came home with a bruise from the blood draw. So much so that when I got home and fed both cats breakfast, Sahmy got gooshy food x3 and lots of treats… like 3 kinds (a few of each, not a whole palmful!)

…And now Kitty’s royally pissed off, hissing and growling at poor Sahmy because she smells "sick", as the Vet put it :(


The Hubbs is beyond guilt-ridden and I am just super sad because I can’t explain why we’re purposefully making her hurt so badly for the next few days with the bloodwork and the upcoming surgery and I wish I could explain to Kitty why Sahmy smells funny so she won’t keep attacking her.

Sad kitty mommy :(


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