Today is dental surgery day for my poor pretty girl Sahmy.

I hope she comes out of this okay.

Last friday we took her in for pre-op bloodwork testing and the results that came back said that she had a low neutrophil count. The short and sweet of it was that there were 3 possible causes, 2 of which were more serious than the other: it could be from her bad gum disease, she could have feline leukemia, or she could have a third condition which I am totally blanking on, but essentially boils down to her immune system is kina sucky. The good news is that we got the results and she proved negative for the two big baddies we were worried about, so there is a good chance her levels could bounce back to normal in a month’s time, once she’s healed up from the surgery and stuff.

But anyways… my poor Sahmy is at the vet and I basically just have to sit around and hope she comes out of it mentally unscathed.


[Update #1: The vet called around 1230pm and informed me that after looking at the X-Rays, Sahmy needs to have four more teeth removed. This will essentially render her without any teeth except for 3 canines. My poor little happy cat. I am so scared that her personality is going to change when she wakes up in pain and realizes she is without her teeth anymore. *sad* 149pm]

[Update #2: Oh poor Sahmy :( The vet couldn’t finish the surgery today. Cats don’t do so well under long anesthetic procedures and she’s already been under for about 4 hours today so best course of action is to book a second surgery. She still has 2 more extractions remaining and the root of that damn canine to do. Plan is to reschedule her for a second surgery in ~1month time after everything’s all healed up. I suppose the “nice” thing about this is that they’re not going to charge us for a second surgery… but still -_- She’s awake and looking around apparently and snuggled up with a magic bag, so that’s good. 416pm]


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