Fam Doc

Mleh.. tired… so tired… slept crappy last night because of worrying about Sahmy and then I was up way early (6ish) to check to see she was okay, feed her, let her roam the house on her own, then Kitty came to the room and spent time with me being a suck, etc etc etc…

Not much going on with Fam Doc. I have some bloodwork I need to do on Thursday because I finally remembered to talk to him about having issues with peeing. This came about because we were talking about side effects I’d had with the Cialis and they seemed not to go away and I was having low-grade fevers about 2-3x a week for the last while and we couldn’t find any other problems going on otherwise.

Soooo…. full blood workup and those fun bacterial cultures are going to be done to see what possible infection I might have lurking about. There is a possibility that I have a urinary infection just because of the whole weird peeing thing + low grade fevers. That would certainly suck. He didn’t want me waiting til my regular monthly bloodwork that I have in 2 weeks time lest something festers and rears its ugly head and gives me something awful like a kidney infection because we waited too long.

Other than that, I finally remembered to tell him about my legs going numb when I sleep at night. Usually what happens is my left leg from the ankle to groin goes dead numb when I sleep too flat. My right side does it occassionally, but not nearly as badly as my left which is usually every night. The reason the numbness finally came about was that the last few weeks (since about when I transitioned back to the Viagra) it’s been a bitch to try and breathe when I lay down at night. I don’t actually lie flat, I usually sleep with a few pillows under me but the position of being “more horizontal than vertical” seems to be a gravity-fluid issue for me. His experiment that we try is that I try wearing compression stockings (OH SO SEXAY!!! NOT. ¬_¬) during the day and see how that helps with my sleeping at night.

Nothing much else going on I guess… I see Kidney Guy next week(?) and then Rheumy II and Sinus Guy in two weeks time. ‘Tis the month of appointments!

Totally unrelated — After I left Fam Doc’s office, I went to the Shopper’s Home Health store to pick up a new pair of compression stockings. It turns out that they no longer exist in the location I went to. As a result of that, me being rather pissed off, I stopped in at Bonton Meat Market and bought The Hubbs a full rack of (prime) ribs. They smelled and looked really good! I just hope they taste as good as they looked when I bought them. We’ll be eating them with the last of the potato salad and coleslaw from the weekend (OMG There was so much leftover pulled pork!!)


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