Long, long, long…


The last two day have been ridiculously stressful. My poor Sahmy… The vet couldn’t finish her surgery yesterday. We have to do 2 more extractions + the damn leftover canine root after she heals up completely and the swelling has gone down. So maybe 2 months time? It turns out she had already lost another tooth at some point in time that we were not aware of and it’s almost completely resorbed and so the hope is that in 2 months time, the root of the canine, given enough time, might actually do the same thing and we won’t have to extricate it with forceful means.

Her face was so puffy last night and she had huge bags under her eyes. They had her out for almost 4 hours. Apparently cats don’t function well on long periods of anesthetics, hence the need for a second surgery :(

She’s eating pretty great though, but then, we figured; this IS Sahmy… Refuse food? Never! Refuse WET food?? Inconceivable!! Not eating because of pain is the biggest worry. Thankfully we won’t have to fight with her to give her antibiotics — they gave her an injection that’s supposed to be good for 14 days, we just have to give her pain killers (sweet honey tasting liquid, they say!) every 24hrs, but no sooner! If she looked uncomfy and in pain in this morning, the vet had ordered a second medication/injection to use on her today.

Last night she spent the night hiding under the bed on The Hubbs’ side with just her tail sticking out. I can’t tell if she’s been sleeping comfortably or not since I’m pretty sure she just wants to be left alone unless more food is happening. Today she seems to be a little more like herself — less puffy, but there is some inflammation and holy moly is she a messy eater now! She was sloppy before, but now? She’s got stuff all over her face! Can’t really blame her though, I don’t know that she’s figured out that she needs to work on her eating habits now that she has no back teeth anymore :/

The biggest thing is that I think she’s also upset that we’re not letting her roam around the house on her own while Kitty’s on a rampage. When we brought her home yesterday she was a little loopy still and had stumbled/misstepped a few stairs on her way to the kitchen and litter box. We tried to follow the vet’s recommendations of just putting everything upstairs in the room for her with easy access, but she didn’t like that at all. She refused to use the litterbox until she could go downstairs.

Today she’s been sleeping a lot, which is good, she’s eating relatively well, but she’s still not my happy cat. She’s in pain, I know she is, and she’s scared, she has to be. But I am hoping that it helps her in the end and she bounces back from this with flying colours. It’s that whole thing of not being able to explain to her why things aren’t right that makes me so sad.

Poor sweet girl :(((


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