Blogsy app test…

Ages upon ages ago, I downloaded this app for my iPad so I could have someting to publish journal entries from. For whatever reason, it took me this long to actually give it a test run. I think it had someting to do with the fact that I was still getting used to WordPress and all its quirks.

I’m still looking for an app that I can use for my lj account on the iPad, but haven’t looked for one since downloading Blogsy.

This entry is just going to be me testing out all the features available, so it’s really not going to be a terribly interesting read, my appologies in advance ^_^

One of my fave web kitties, Shiro Neko:

I’m back to drinking a bottle of “frogs eggs” (aka chia seeds), mixed with lemon juice, once a day again. I’m thinking that perhaps I should consider adding a couple of tablespoons of flax seed to my bottle to help aid with my “slow elimination” issues.

A youtube video recipe that I plan on making once the rain stops coming down in buckets and I can harvest a whole shwack of my garden chives, herbes salées:

Hmmm…. Hmmm…. Gonna have to work on figuring out a few things like:
1) Hyperlink insertion thing, cuz that wasn’t working so well. I tried but I don’t think I was doing it correctly.
2) Getting youtube videos placed where I wanted correctly.
3) How do you put a caption under photos in WordPress?? For some reason I can’t do it, here or there.
4) At least I can centre my damn photos on Blogsy, fuck if I know how to do it on WordPress.. Sheesh.

Looks like I still have some serious learning to do.


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