Not feeling well.. again.

Grrrrrr…. Really, that’s all I can really say.

It seems like I’m always feeling crappy as of late and it makes me very very frustrated. Today I am almost wondering if I am in fact developing a bit of an intolerance to seafood. I kind of schluffed the idea off in the past, but having had a few rounds of various kinds of seafood (ie: mussels, big scallops, lobster, etc…) in the last couple of months, I think Mom maybe right.

Last night I was feeling not very well — my tummy kind of hurt after dinner (though Mom did suggest that perhaps it was from the wheat in the spaghetti, I’m rather surprised that she’s finally taken to remembering that issue, though a few months late), I felt really unwell when I was lying in bed and this morning I woke up feeling extremely nauseous, exhausted and still unwell.

Yesterday being Father’s Day & Mom not having anything at all planned for dinner, I offered up making dindin: 4lbs of steamed mussels, crusty loaf of bread for dunking in the juices and a pot of spaghetti puttanesca. Dad had dessert before dindin, which was leftover upside down jam cake from last weekend and Mom had watermelon. I was just way too uncomfortable to consider eating anything else last night.

So I guess I should keep an eye on the seafood thing now? :(


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