Kidney update

Well. It would appear that Kidney Guy is extremely pleased with things and is from now on, “Just hanging on for the ride.”

He’s “bored” with me. Which is to say, my kidneys are behaving very well and so my visits with him & Nurse Sandra, who I haven’t seen in at least 2-3 appointments now :( will be dialed down to once a year and my bloodwork will now be once every two months. WOO!! I am quite pleased about that last part and am especially thrilled that I don’t have to go to the lab on Monday as was originally planned. Next round of bloodwork will be in July. It’s kind of nice when a doctor can say he’s happy that he doesn’t have to worry about me right now.

We have discovered though that with all my medications, my bladder has become “lazy”. Which is why I’ve been having peeing issues the last 3-4+ months. Nothing wrong with last week’s tests, from what he could see. My body’s ability to retain & excrete fluids is in equilibrium, so he’s not too worried, I just have to put up with it and the slowness at which my body chooses to do things. I was kind of hoping that he would be willing to increase my waterpill doseage, but because of all the rest of the meds I’m on the waterpill would basically make my blood pressure plummet lower than it already is and I would feel absolutely horrific with possibly detrimental effects. The Viagra already lowers my blood pressure, as do the blood pressure meds (obviously) he put me on to keep the kidneys happy and he doesn’t want my blood pressure going any lower than it already is. Only recommendation he had to reduce the puff is lower my salt intake, which he said would be just like having another dose of waterpill. ~I~ think he’s lying to me, but I know he’s right, I’m just pouting. With the way my body is, I have a tendency to retain salt & fluids more so than the average person unfortunately. I just wanted to have something go my way for once with meds, which is why I’m whining about the waterpill.

So yep. That’s it. I see him again next spring unless he finds that my tests are showing something weird or something feels incredibly wrong. Kind of nice to have someone tell me one part of my body is actually cooperating for once and behaving decently. Keep your fingers crossed my kidneys stay that way until my next visit with him.


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