It really is!

So far this summer has actually FELT like summer! I am absolutely tickled pink by how beautiful the weather’s been. It’s not too hot, certainly not cold out and it’s just been gorgeous.

The Hubbs and I took full advantage of the weather this past Canada Day long weekend — spent at least once if not twice a day outside with Sahmy. We got her a pet stake and 3m tether cable to attach to her harness so we can sit in the backyard with her as she roams around (more or less) to her heart’s content. It’s been a really nice way to spend outside and I’m really liking it… though the I could really do without the damn ‘skweetos!

OMG Everytime I go outside, even if it’s for 30 seconds, I get bitten at least twice by ‘skweetos! Everytime I get bitten by the damn ‘skweetos, the bites blow up to the size of a twonie and it’s all hard and angry-red looking!

I am really hoping the beautiful weather sticks around and we don’t have a major heat-wave. I’m happy with the weather hovering around 25C.

Saskatoon-white chocolate scones are in the oven for The Hubbs’ Brit niece and now I just have to figure out what to make for The Hubbs’ snacks for the week.


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