Canada Day Long Weekend Food Pics

I find it such a pain in the butt to have to hook up my phone to my laptop so I can upload the pics I take when we go out to eat at restaurants.

As a result of me being lazy, I will periodically make one large restaurant photo-dump.

If nothing else, it means all the photos will be all in one place, but peoples’ feeds will probably choke from it all.

My appologies. TIME FOR PICS!

Canada Day @ District
Since it was so nice out on Canada Day, we went to District for dinner. I think I may have written about them last year when we went for the first time with friends. They like to concentrate their efforts on really good local ingredients and house made condiments to go along with their menu items. The fun thing about this place (though some people are not a fan of this quirk to the place) is that there are no proper menus. Since the items change seasonally — they have blackboards all over the place and you have to walk around the pub sometimes to other peoples’ tables to read what they’re serving that night. They do have 1 semi-permanent board which is their poutine list. You basically choose your size, choose your cheese(s), choose your extra toppings if you want them and go from there. I should take a pic one day. It’s pretty neat.

Fresh East & West Coast Oysters

Crab cakes with warm vinaigrette and spinach salad

July 2 @ Wa’s Japanese Restaurant
This is much more to my liking for a special dinner out — Wa’s Japanese Restaurant… Sushi ^_^ We ordered a whole bunch of new stuff we’d never tried before and it was another beautiful night to be out in the city.

The first item we ordered to start off our meal was the “hiyayakko”, which is cold soft tofu topped with bonito flakes and ginger and served with a really light soy-based dressing mixed with finely chopped chives to pour over or dip the tofu with.

Hiyayakko, what remained after remembering I wanted to take pics

The special of the day was wild sockeye salmon! I have never ever had wild sockeye salmon sushi or sashimi before! OMG! If you ever have the opportunity presented to you to try wild sockeye salmon, you HAVE to try it! It’s so incredibly amazing compared to regular old salmon, whatever it is that they serve in the normal run of things. The flavour, the texture and the COLOUR is just so mind blowing… yes, I am gushing over a small piece of raw fish.

Wild Sockeye Salmon sushi & sashimi are the brightest red pieces on the platter

The last “new” item we ordered was a whole grilled saury. I have no idea what saury is, but it was pretty yummy! It wasn’t to The Hubbs’ liking because it was too fishy for him, but he did get great amusement watching me meticulously pick the whole fish apart bone by wee tiny little bone… and lemme tell you, there are a LOT of bones in this fish!

Grilled Saury served with grated daikon, beni shoga (preserved red ginger) and a few slices of lemon

The other nice meal we had on Canada Day was lunch — every now and then we’ll go to subway and pick up a couple of subs (6″ sub club for me on brown with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, black olives, and green peppers, light on the mayo & mustard, and just pepper… I know, I’m weird.) on a beautiful long weekend and drive to this “super sekrit” spot just a few minutes away from the house that seems like a total hide away and eat lunch in the car overlooking a field of grass with the breeze blowing in through the windows.

Admittedly, it’s not the most attractive sounding eats compared to the dinners we had, but it’s just the two of us together, no other cars, no other people and we get the chance to have those really important heart to heart talks which are so good for us.

So that was our Canada Day Long Weekend in a nutshell, just a little bit late ^_^


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