One more thing of silliness…

So, I went shopping yesterday.

I needed a few things — a new roaster for chicken or small joints of meat (as opposed to my super ginormo 25lb turkey roaster for a crowd), a new sun hat, a little saucepot for small quantities and I happened across an awesome heavy-duty strainer that I can use for pasta since I gave mine to my parents because it was way too big (it’s being sold as a “BBQ vegetable saute pan”) and a bottle of candied ginger pieces for cookies and cakes or whatever.

The hat…. Uhm. Yeah.

A cat in the hat!

The hat is quite large… but it’s kind of one of those things that has to be seen to be believed in terms of HOW large:

It’s suh-per HUEG!

Totally embarassing photo of me, but yea..

The cool thing about the hat is that the brim is super wide to cover me, it has wire in it so you can bend it any which way so it doesn’t flop in my eyes and because it’s bendy, it’s also packable/crushable and will return to whatever shape you want. I just wish it had come in a more neutral colour. The company that makes the hat also makes other packable hats that can be found on their website.


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