Tasty Brains!

Last night The Hubbs & I joined J & R for dinner and games night. They had purchased a new game called Mansions of Madness. It’s a really fun game! It’s kind of a cross between clue and a game of D&D. Tons of fun for a group, even as adults, though I have to admit the story line was a little bit gruesome for my taste. I had made an off-hand comment saying that I hope that the game wouldn’t give me nightmares afterwards, and I did in fact have kind of not great dreams last night, whether it was because of the game’s plot or just my brain being stupid, I dunno. Whatever.

Anyhow, just for fun, to celebrate(?) our evening of fun, Miss R made dessert for everyone last night: ZOMBIE (JELL-O) BRAINS!!

Disco Cthulu’s Dessert of Choice: Zombie Brains

The mould she borrowed from a co-worker and the dessert was made with strawberry jello, mixed with melted(?) vanilla ice cream. It was pretty darn tasty, though disturbingly accurate in texture to real brains. Yes, I have had brains before. A few times in fact, long ago, when you could still buy it in the grocery stores. My mom used to make Chinese soups out of it and I have to admit, it was not my favourite soup to have and my parents always claimed it was good for us because it would make us smarter… ¬_¬

Anywho, the dessert was quite lovely… nice and soft and squidgy with just the right strawberry tartness and vanilla ice cream sweetness.

Tasty Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!!


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