Saw Fam Doc today…

Not much is going on at this point in time so there wasn’t all that much to talk about — I got my prescriptions refilled, talked about the tired and the anxiety I’ve been having over the last few months with trying to get to sleep at night.

It was a nice visit, which always seems to be a strange thing to say, but it’s true.

Fam Doc’s given me something to stew over for the next few weeks in regards to the blueness, which might be what is currently affecting my sleeping abilities, which is mainly anxiety driven – he suggested that we could try some meds which would tone down the obsessiveness that my brain seems to be having with stuff like the puff and sad things like bebes and things of that nature. At least it would make it so I don’t care as much about those things. I kinda said no, only because I’m pretty concerned that if we go that route, like we have in the past (though for other reasons) it’ll ramp up my pain to unheard of levels and that just doesn’t please me. He did admit that yea, there’s a good possibility that it will be an issue, but think about it if it’s bugging me that much.

In terms of kicking the sleep anxiety, he proposed that if I wanted (again, my choice) we could see if we could get my brain out of the current cycle that it’s in right now by going hardcore with the sedatives for 5 nights and see what happens. It might still take 2-3weeks before things right themselves, but at least this would boost it in the proper direction.. hopefully..

Other than that.. mmmmmrrrrrrrrr…. there’s not really much going on. All my other doctors that he’s received letters from have indicated they are pleased with the way things are going and that I am stable, so appointments will be bumped down in frequency, as well as lab work, etc etc

The only thing that might be something to keep in mind over the next few weeks is that with my lungs being as wheezy as they’ve been the last few months, we’re going to see what happens if I start taking my inhaler regularly to see if it helps matters any. I realized after mentioning to him the wheeziness that my prescriptions may have expired by this point and perhaps I should have had the forthought to ask Hawt Doc for a new prescription. Fam Doc thought it was kind of funny that I just realized that my inhalers expired (since I very rarely got refills since I don’t usually have problems with my lungs), he wrote the prescription for me and we’ll see what happens.

So yeah, that’s that for today.


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