So confused…

I sent kidney guy’s nurse an email asking her if I need a new lab requisition for the bloodwork I need to get done, which is now being bumped to once every 2 months..

Turns out Kidney Guy discharged me from the GN Clinic, which is what she is a part of. I thought she was HIS nurse. So now I no longer get to see her at future appointments. The only time I will get to see her in the future, should it be required, is if SALLY decides to go crazy on my kidneys again..

So.. yea.

Now I have to call Kidney Guy’s secretary (??) to ask for a new requisition because of hte change in clinic status(?) but i don’t have kidney guy’s secretary’s number or any number for kidney guy for that matter since I thought that she was his nurse and was told if I had any problems, she’s my first contact o_O;;

Now I have to update all my numbers again @.o I hate doing that.


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