Oh sweet jeebus!

So, I found out last night that Calgary is now the proud city of the first Canadian Gourmet Doughnut Shop.

Apparently they’ve been open since about end of April and I didn’t even know about this. I’m actually feeling kinda great about this sudden influx of sweet treat shops. It’s making Calgary’s food scene far more interesting, in my mind. Here’s the funny thing, though: I don’t really eat sweets. I like making them for everyone, but I generally don’t eat them so I am kind of amused that I’m so thrilled at all these new places that have opened in the last year or so.

We have a cream puff shop called Cruffs – The House of Cream Puffs. We have at least two places that sell macarons in the city, one of which I’ve been frequenting called M for Macaron and now we have Jelly Modern Doughnuts.

I guess I can officially say that we’re spoiled with sweet treats to eat ^_^

The Hubbs and I have been on vacation together all week. Instead of doing the drive out West like we had originally planned, we decided to stay in town and take advantage of the opportunity to try all the restaurants we’ve been wanting to visit during the year. We haven’t actually done nearly as many as we did a few years back, but I’m okay with that.

Today’s plan was actually to go out for dinner somewhere nice, but after discovering Jelly Modern last night and with The Hubbs feeling not terribly energetic today, I decided that we’d pick up some doughnuts and then whip by the North Sea Fish Market and the Springbank Cheese Company instead for dinner ingredients. I bought a wild steelhead trout fillet for dinner which I am basically gonna do the same manner as I did the salmon on the weekend. We’re going to have it with a pasta & boursin cheese sauce and whatever veg I can scrounge up from the fridge.

Since we were in the market and I hadn’t yet had any lunch, I also picked up a container of homemade lobster mac & cheese. Wow. This stuff is pretty fantastic. It’s nice and saucy, it’s not dense or heavy, there’s decently sized pieces of lobster and it’s just the right amount of cheesiness for my liking. For $6 and 20 minutes in a 400F oven, I will definitely buy it again.

North Sea Fish Market Lobster Mac

But back to the doughnuts… OH THE DOUGHNUTS!!

Jelly Modern Doughnuts

Top Row (from left to right): Lemon Curd, Coconut, Classic Jelly
Bottom Row (from left to right): Valrhona Chocolate, Carrot Cake, Maple Bacon

You can’t really tell, but that picture does not do the size of the doughnuts justice. Case in point:

Maple Bacon Doughnut compared to my cell phone

The doughnuts themselves are pretty fantastic. They’re soft with just enough chew and not at all sweet which makes a great base for the super sweet glazes that they hand dip the donuts into. The maple glaze on this doughnut was just the right amount of crazy-sweetness without being excessively over the top and the bacon bits sprinkled on top were equally delicious.

I am pleased ^_^

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