Proud of myself…

For the last week(ish), I’ve been making jam again.

For the most part I don’t think I did much jam making last summer. This year, I’ve already made 3 batches of jam with a fourth on the way and the possibility of green tomato relish later on when the weather turns on me.

Mind you, I’ve been doing the small-batch canning this year as opposed to the full on preserving that I have done in years past, which makes things far far more manageable and to be honest, enjoyable. Making small batches of jam (3-5 x 250ml jars) is a better way of doing things I’ve discovered. You don’t have to buy huge quantities of fruit which means you can just use whatever you have on hand for the most part and still come out with a few precious jars of loveliness.

Today, I finished my second batch of raspberry jam. The grocery store had those flat clamshells on sale for $3.49 each. Turned out that there were more berries in each clamshell than I thought there were which meant that I got double the amount of jam in the end which was a lovely surprise and not a bad thing by even the remotest stretch of the imagination.

I did make one batch of strawberry jam from the lovely berries Miss R had picked for me over the long weekend and I am very pleased about that. I missed homemade strawberry jam and didn’t even realize it.

For the rest of the season, I am hoping to get one more bunch of rhubarb from the MIL so I can make a batch of ginger-rhubarb jam. If I end up with a LOT of rhubarb, then I may try my hand at making a batch of saskatoon-rhubarb jam. I’m still waiting for Mom & Dad’s crabapple tree to finish producing fruit so I can make some more spiced crabapple jellly like I did last year. Apparently that was really tasty and very well received by people. And of course as I mentioned earlier, depending on how many green tomatoes I end up with this year, I’ll make my annual batch of green tomato relish. Though to be honest, I kind of want to try a recipe I found in the River Cottage Cookbook for Green Tomato Chutney. If by chance I can scrounge around for green tomatoes that friends might have on hand, I might see if I can acquire some that way to try both recipes, we’ll see.

So far this year, my preserves have come out to:
1x500ml raspberry jam
4x250ml raspberry jam (+1 not quite full jar)
2x250ml strawberry jam (+1 not quite full jar)

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