I am gonna take over the world!

Yup! I got it into my head last night that I want to buy a pressure canner, and The Hubbs said yes :D

I am going to pressure can everything in sight!!

I kid.


I was thinking that I would really like to make some spaghetti/tomato sauces to have on hand in the pantry. We never buy spaghetti sauce anymore (have you read the ingredients on most of those jars??) and to be honest, I miss having an instant sauce on hand that doesn’t require hours and hours of prep work and cooking to taste yummy. The only way to really get around canning tomato sauces without risk of botulism is with pressure canning them. Plus, if the desire should strike, I could also make things like chicken soup that would be shelf stable and would get rid of all the damn carcasses in my freezer! Homemade chicken soup! YUM!! Our freezer is becoming a ridiculous repository of things that I want to make, but since we have no large dedicated space for long term food preservation/storage available to us, pressure canning would actually be a really awesome idea. Plus it would mean having instant meals at hand which aren’t of weird questionable origin & taste (ie: frozen meals or grocery deli foods).

Apparently you can pressure can EVERYTHING. Which I guess is understandable if you think about how canned goods are made like canned fish, chilli, spaghetti-os, spam, etc…

The weird thing, or interesting thing, depending on your point of view — is watching all these youtube videos of people doing exactly this in the United States. For some reason all the youtubers are Americans preparing for the collapse of the world where there’s no food, water and electricity and OMG people with guns will come and steal your stuff! Perhaps this is a possibility, but it just seems so weird that people are stocking up YEARS worth of stuff — medical supplies, dried goods, ammunition(!!), canned goods, water, etc.. Those people of the more self-sufficient type, are pressure canning everything they can lay their hands on for the future “SHTF” (shit hit the fan) zombie appocalypse.

Am I being naive thinking that this is an unlikely situation to happen in my lifetime? I dunno. I mean, it’s not like EVERYONE is doing this kind of disaster preparedness, but with the way some of these people are talking during their videos, it makes me wonder if perhaps it’s just extreme paranoia…?


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