A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

I used to make biscotti.

Specifically, I used to make an apricot-almond biscotti that was alright and I would eat occassionally but I mostly made them for my parents, who did not like chocolate but did like biscotti and rarely ever ate the chocolate-walnut bisottis I always made for me & my brothers.

I wish I still had the recipes. I really have no idea how I lost them. I used to make them with fair regularity, say at least every few weeks or however long it took to eat a batch of each recipe. The last time I distinctly recall actually making them was when I was still living at mom & dad’s and I think I was not yet even 20(!!!!).

I’m TOLD by one of the boys in #R!, who recalls this period of time rather fondly when we reminisce about “the old/early days”, after my surgery, apparently I went on a baking frenzy and I was baking tons of biscotti and then I would go online and lament in the channel that I couldn’t eat them because I was wired shut.

This was in the mid 90’s, right when the concept of biscotti had just been introduced to North America(?) and was a super crazy popular dessert or snack item at the time.

For some reason, all the recipes for biscotti that I’ve read in recent years all have butter on them. Of the two recipes I always made, the chocolate-walnut had NO butter or fats inthe ingredients list and for some reason I remember that being the most interesting aspect of the cookie, which is why they could easily be made into rock hard dunkable cookies. My parents much preferred the apricot-almond biscotti because they WEREN’T rock hard and tooth shattering. I also vaguely remember the apricot-almond recipe having only a small amount of butter relative to how many biscotti the recipe made, certainly nothing compared to what the recipes I’m finding nowadays call for. For some reason my brothers (myself as well) loved the ridonkulously hard cookies which were exceeingly bad for braces if eaten as is and not soaked in coffee or milk first.

I desperately wish I could reproduce the recipes, but I don’t even know how or where to begin and those are the two I truly miss having in my repertoire of baked goodies. Those biscotti are probably my favourite cookies ever, since they were not too sweet, you really could be happy eating only one and they had a texture that made you sit down, eat slowly and contemplate the goings on around you. I have tried for years to find a biscotti recipe that would come close but it seems to be an impossible request for some reason…. Like some mythical unicorn.


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