Canadian Author Signal Boost!

A wonderful friend of mine’s incredibly awesome and talented hubby is a comic book author and his new book is out this fall!

This is a signal boost to help him reach a wider audience and hopefully gather even more interest in his work. Hope that people will take the time to support a talented Canadian author who’s work is definitely unique in every way imagineable.

Below is a blurb cut’n’pasted from my friend’s journal, used with permission, to help spread the word about Von’s latest work: Part II of the Stargazer series.

“Von Allan’s all-ages fantasy graphic novel, Stargazer, is wrapping up! Part 1 came out last fall (and is still available at better bookstores and comic stores, as well as at Amazon!) and Part 2 can be ordered this month and will be on shelves in October! Now’s the time to help an independent creator AND own a fantastic graphic novel series…go to this link to check out some page samples and get all the information you need to find volume 1 on a store shelf AND order volume 2:

Don’t just listen to me…the critics and reviewers agree! Even Wired loves Stargazer:

AND please pass this along to your friends, family, and co-workers…Von and Moggy are good for helping if and when you need it. And right now Von needs your help!”


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