Food for Thought

Can you believe it’s already the end of August??

I had a conversation last night with a friend and we ended up talking about my pressure canner and jam-making in general – she’s not into the whole “suzy homemaker thing”, obviously, as she calls it. She was happy for me getting the canner but had no idea or possibly little understanding as to why I would be wanting one. I explained to her that:

a) it’s kinda cool
B) I can make things shelf stable for long periods of time (also kinda cool)
c) I can have “instant” HOMEMADE meals when I am too sick/exhausted to cook
D) I know what ingredients are in those “instant” meals.. No MSG, fillers, colourings, etc

Which, to her sounds all fine and good, but in her opinion, if you can make anything you buy in the grocery store that you would normally find in a tin can, why put in all that hard work? Why not just make your life easier and buy it?

I realize that a very large proportion of society will in fact ask the very same question and not understand my reasons above, but then I got thinking about it… And I realized what the real answer was: It’s the same reason peoples’ grandmothers did it generations ago, it’s how I am providing for my family. No, it’s not our only means of survival, unlike it was generations ago where your family’s life depended on it, but it is ~my~ only way of providing to our household since I do not earn an income to help pay for the unexciting things in life like bills and mortgage payments. It makes me feel like I can be sure we have a good homecooked meal on the table and not have to spend our fun money on things like take-out when I am just not feeling up to snuff to make us a real dinner at night.

I guess that would be the romantic answer. The more acceptably understood answer would be that I think it’s cool to do something no one else (or very few people) does anymore and I enjoy seeing the fruits of my labours all lined up in glass jars on a shelf. Plus, it’s kind of nice to gift people your homemade goods… At least those that appreciate the time, effort (and the cliché, love) you put into making stuff.

I’m excited to make a big vat of chicken & rice soup and have a few jars all set up in my pantry to eat this fall & winter without me having to make it from scratch everytime and wait hours for it to finish cooking if I just want a bowl or two when I’m feeling under the weather. Just the thought of having instant homemade soup makes me warm & fuzzy ^_^

Anyways… That is apparently my food for thought for today.


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