Guess what I found at the Blackfoot farmer’s market!?!?

I finally got a an old fashioned pickle crock!!! :D

We were just picking up a couple of things at the market — I had every intention of buying a flat of tomatoes to can salsa with, but it was SO hot out that I just wilted. I ended up buying 1 bag of pickling cukes and a handful each of some jalapeno peppers & unnamed red hot peppers. I am going to make pickled jalapenos out of them tomorrow and mix the two.

I was totally ready to leave the market by that point, but The Hubbs was desperate for something to drink because the nice Hutterite farmer we bought the cukes from gave us a sample of fresh HORSERADISH to try… on top of a fresh RADISH. So we were both burning something fierce. We didn’t end up getting anything to drink, but we did make a quick tour through the flea market side to see what there was of interest (generally nothing). We were on our way out of the flea market section when I looked down and saw 2 MEDALTA pickle crocks! I paid $35 for a 2Gal crock. Score! :D Thinking about it in hindsight, I prolly should have offered $30… oh well. I didn’t have the change on hand for the $37.50 asking price, so I offered thirty-five. I fail at haggling and I figured $35 was close enough to the original price that I wouldn’t insult the gentleman.

So The Hubbs said the crock is my 9 year anniversary wedding present.. *giggles*

ANYHOW! I’m going to make lacto-fermented kosher pickles!! I would make dill pickles, but I just realized I didn’t buy any dill :P~ I suppose I could just make plain’ ol garlic pickles..? Would that be okay? Probably.. and pickled jalapeno peppers.



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