Don’t you hate it when things don’t go as planned?

So today was supposed to be THE day.


I woke up and while The Hubbs was out and about grabbing me the last couple of ingredients that I needed on hand for my day of preserving my bountiful tomatoes, I discovered that my pressure canner appeared to be a dud.

Following the instructions in the manual, I did everything as instruction and I couldn’t get the damn thing up to pressure. I had it steaming away for a good half hour and I still couldn’t get it to jiggle the pressure gauge.

So in the end, after three hours of fighting with it and being utterly dismayed, we returned it. We returned it and then spent another two hours trying to find a replacement with absolutely no luck.

Tomorrow I am going to try one more store (Bed Bath & Beyond) before I totally call it quits and give in to ordering the Cadillac model of pressure canners, exhorbant shipping be damned: the All-American.

The day wasn’t a total loss, I did manage to still do my canning, but it took a lot longer than I had hoped given the late start time.

After all my hard work, I came out with:
6 x 1L
5 x 500mL

I have just enough tomatoes leftover to make a batch of salsa or piquante sauce which will conveniently enough use some of my jalapenos before I pickle the rest.

I have some thoughts on my water bath canning experience with the tomatoes but it’s damn late, I’m damn tired, and I still have a damn lot more work to do in the morning so I should probably consider going to bed since I haven’t done any proper cleaning still. *sigh*

Long day was LONG.


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