I have discovered that since The Hubbs moved Ponyo upstairs to the bedroom and Tiny Bubbles down to the kitchen, I no longer have the inclination to post as much as I used to. As a result, methinks it’s time to bring my laptop back down to the kitchen so I can continue to record all the stuff I’ve been doing.

Cuz I’ve had a busy and productive three-ish weeks and oh man I wish I had posted pictures and recipes and thoughts of all my hard work as I went along. There is something to be said about having a full-sized monitor and keyboard when you’re writing. Tiny Bubbles is a fantastic little machine, but it is just that: little. Great for portability, but not as comfortable to use when you’re wanting to sit for a long time writing and editing and stuff.

So… what have I ~really~ been doing for the last few weeks?


Lots and lots of canning. Originally, I had mentioned that I was done canning for the year a couple weeks back, but apparently I was wrong. Crabapples from my parents tree were beautifully ripe, the first frost of the season meant that our garden tomatoes needed to be plucked off the vine A.S.A.P.

As an aside, friends are having babies that just kept popping up (out? *snicker*), so freezer meals needed to be made for new Mamas & Papas. So it was decided that I needed a new shirt with all the goings on around me:

Shut Up About Babies

Here’s the excessicely detailed breakdown of all my hard work:
1x500ml raspberry “taffy” jam
4x250ml raspberry “taffy” jam
2x250ml strawberry jam
5x250ml spiced honey blueberry jam
12x250ml crabapple cider jelly
1x500ml crabapple cider jelly
2x500ml pickled Christmas peppers
1x4L pail lacto-fermented garlic-dill bucket pickles (guesstimate total 5x1L sloppy packed jars)
6x1L whole canned tomatoes
3x500ml green tomato sauce
5x500ml whole canned tomatoes
8x250ml picante sauce
3x500ml picante sauce

In a slightly less messy looking count:
25 assorted jars jams & jellies
3 jars of jam “dregs”
7 assorted jars of pickles
25 assorted bottles tomato products

Total Summer’s work: 60 assorted jars of homemade!

HOLY CRAP! I am absolutely flabbergasted o_O;;

I guess I now know why I’ve been so tired. Wow.

And because I’ve been wanting to share pics of all my hard work:

Spiced Honey Blueberry Jam for pancakes

Whole Canned Tomatoes

Picante Sauce

Hot Red Peppers for Picante Sauce

Not-Knuckle, Pork Knuckle Roast

Crabapple Cider Jelly


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