All alone and so ronery!

Well.. not really. Yet… the ronery part, at least ^_^

The Hubbs left this morning bright and early for Vancouver. He’s going to see OMD in concert with his brothers, so they’re doing a boys only road trip for the weekend. It’s kinda cool actually, to be honest, and I’m pretty happy that he’s gone. I’m not so much pleased about the fact that I was the one that did a lot of the legwork for their trip though. Brit-SIL and B did help a little bit with the accomodation issues because Bneeded his own room for the first night. B was just coming off of working graveyard when The Hubbs picked him up this morning, and usually his first night off is kinda wonky in terms of how he has to wind down and get settled in for sleep. He was worried that he would be too disruptive to everyone else and really didn’t want to bother The Hubbs’ rest since he took on the rather large responsibility of driving everyone there and back. It’s a long drive! 12 hours of driving with a few stops in between for gas, snacks, lunch, etc… But yea, you’d think that The Hubbs’ older brother would’ve done SOMETHING in terms of planning for this trip other than just buy tickets, but no. It irked me beyond belief. GAH.


So I am all by my lonesome for the next 3 more days, The Hubbs comes home again Sunday, probably around early evening or dinnertime. I didn’t really do much today. Baby Bro was supposed to come over and join me for family dindin and bring along Indian takeout which I was so looking forward to, but he ditched me. I guess the Calgary International Film Festival is going on and there was a Chinese movie playing tonight that he really wanted to see with some friends and they were gonna go to dinner before the movie. That was totally okay, he came over last night instead, but that left me totally to my own devices today. I decided since I was gonna be flying solo this weekend, that I would take advantage of lying in bed this morning for as long my blood sugar levels would let me or until the kitties decided it was time for food.

As to what I’ve been up to today, shamefully, I spent the majority of my day surfing the intarwebz for baby shower ideas’n’stuff and sticking them all up on a Pinterest board. I found a whole shwack of niftiness to help R with her upcoming baby shower plans for a friend. She didn’t actually need the help, but it gave me something to do and it was kind of fun looking to see what was currently trendy in the baby world. It would seem that babies and baby showers are the new "it party" to have. It still boggles my mind as to how much pressure is out there to throw huge extravagent parties for every possible stage of a woman’s life.

It really is weird if you think about it. So much consumerism, so much needing to make people feel special as if they weren’t already incredible enough as they are. I have to admit, I enjoy doing the brainstorming and coming up with lists of ideas for stuff like that and Pinterest just feeds into that obsession in the most incredible way. It’s just so fantastic being able to have a place where you can gather all your ideas in one place with the way that Pinterest is designed. Serious time drain if you love being able to visually collect ideas.

Since I’m all alone, I didn’t really eat any dindin, so I thought I should get up and have something more substantial than the 2 slices of pan con tomate I had earlier: two slices of the fresh bread that I baked (pulled the dough out from the freezer last night to thaw), rubbed with raw garlic, drizzled with a little olive oil, then rubbed & smooshed all over the surface with a wonderfully ripe garden tomato and seasoned with a smidge of salt and pepper. While very tasty, I think it upset my tummy terribly. I probably should have heeded mom’s rule of never eating bread straight out of the oven (even 15 minutes out). It will upset your tummy! So that’s what I ate and now I am waiting for 2 sausage rolls…

Not having to worry about making dinner for The Hubbs or needing leftovers for his work lunches, it seems that I’m just not much into cooking for myself. The sausage rolls are probably not the best dindin in the world, but I honestly can’t think of what to eat when I don’t need to cook for the both of us. Talking to Miss R earlier this morning, she said that when J is away for work, she usually makes something special for herself, cracks open a bottle of wine and just enjoys the fact she’s free to do as she please. After lots of feeling sorry for herself when Jer went to London without her earlier this summer, she confessed that she had LOTS OF JUNKFOOD ;D She doesn’t normally get to eat garbage food much anymore and so she took full advantage of it while J was away. It made me giggle – they’re huge into the eating local and sustainable, blah blah blah, but it turns out the majority of that is J’s personal decision, which Miss R is totally okay by, but she still is perfectly content to eat “questionable and scary junk” on occassion. Her dirty little "secret" totally made me love her even more than I already do. LOL

After having eaten that rather small "dinner" earlier, I took the Moose somewhere about 8pm and then crawled into bed and dozed off for a couple of hours since I was just so tired and the pain was bugging me from the weather doing its changing thing. It’s been quite windy all day and it the temperatures have definitely fallen to something properly autumn-like. Kitty’s kind of happy that I moved back into the bedroom again and I’m all nested up in the middle of the bed with all my pillows and blankets. I’ve been sleeping in the spare bedroom again for the last week or so and it’s been so much better for my quality of sleep, even though Sahmy always comes to sleep with me, it’s still incredibly lonely without The Hubbs everytime I have to do it.

Sahmy seems to be a little perturbed that The Hubbs isn’t home. She has her routine with The Hubbs and when he’s not here, surprisingly, she doesn’t whine at me for treats as much as she does with The Hubbs, which I guess is their thing. She was being all weird for a little bit – I came downstairs with the catfood jug and refilled since cuz there’s no food upstairs for them, gave her a few snacks, then she started meowing and running around in circles at top speed back and forth between the table and the family room/scratching post. Looks like she’s gotten that spurt of energy out of her system seeing as now she’s passed out on the red chair.

In other surprising observations: Kitty hasn’t bitten me at ALL today. She didn’t even make moves to try and bite me. She did lay across my arms a few times on the table when I was typing this afternoon, but she wasn’t doing the frantic-pushy headbutting-climbing all over my shoulder-bonking me in the head thing. She didn’t even do that when she snuggled up to me for 5 minutes when I finally settled down in bed earlier, I was surprised.. and very happy. I’ve noticed that Sahmy really doesn’t like the fan blowing on her when she sleeps, so I gotta figure out how to position it tonight so she doesn’t get the brunt of the breeze, when I go to bed tonight.

I wish I was with The Hubbs in Vancouver *sigh*

I also wish The Hubbs had had time to vacuum before he left! I gotta clean up the family room and kitchen tomorrow. I have a pedicure with R tomorrow night and then J and Miss R are coming over to my place to join us for the rest of the evening. We’re having Indian take-out from saffron! I’m super excited about that, plus R can finally see Miss R’s super pregnant belly! R & I had planned for a long overdue girl’s night for awhile now, but then I thought that maybe Miss R might like to join us for one last hurrah before Spudlet arrives. J’s picking her up at about 7pm, then they’re gonna get our dinner and come here by about 730. The pregnancy is totally kicking her ass and making her super exhausted. We had gone for dimsum last Friday, just the two of us, and wow she looked pretty wiped out just sitting in her car getting ready to make the drive home. I’ve been pretty worried about her, she’s been pushing herself pretty hard doing stuff before Spudlet arrives, so J offering to pick her up and drive her home at the end of the night tomorrow was super, super awesome.

Sunday I’m supposed to go and visit new Mama K and baby D while Daddy D is… somewhere. I think he might have a car thing that day and since I’m all by my lonesome, we had talked about me popping over for a visit on the weekend when we saw them a few weeks ago and met Baby D for the first time since he born. I thought I would pick up some lunchie for us but I have no idea what I should bring. She’s apparently got nothing in particular (yet) that she’s wanting for eats, so I guess I’ll just call her before I leave and see what she might be wanting that afternoon.

Last night, I had kind of a funny thought: Is it wrong that since The Hubbs’ was going to YVR this weekend, I should want to just pack up my little car, do my own little road trip and drive down to Oregon for the weekend to visit Ozy for a couple nights and then take the leisurely drive home again? ^__^ The temptation was there and pretty strong, but then of course reality set in. So instead of acting on the thought, I made Kefir instead.

I was super stoked that I found a kefir starter kit at Stupidstore a couple days ago. I quite like kefir, it’s a nifty bubbly yoghurt-like drink and is especially tasty when it’s fruit-flavoured and sweetned a little bit. The effervesence of a dairy product is a little strange at first, but it’s supposed to be good for you with all the muchly hyped probiotics, etc etc etc. The thing is, it’s crazy expensive! Six bucks for a little pot, less than 500ml! I honestly didn’t think finding the starter kit would be as affordable as it is: for just under $3, you get 6x5g packets of kefir grains that will make 6L worth of homemade kefir! Paired with a 2L jug of organic homo milk I found for 50% off, since the best before date was 4 days away, I was super, super stoked! As a side thought, an interesting thing I noticed and I’m not entirely sure how I should be feeling about it — I drank quite a few glasses of the milk over the last three days and for some reason I haven’t had even the remotest problems with the lactose intolerance issues I always get with drinking milk. Ordinarily I would be crazy-uncomfortably gassy within an hour of having had a glass of milk, but for some reason I didn’t have that problem and I don’t know why.

So since about 2am last night, I’ve had a 1L mason jar sitting on the counter at room temperature, culturing kefir. I’ve been taking a peek at it periodically throughout the day and it’s thickened up considerably since last night. I’m supposed to let it sit for 24 hours, then strain out the grains and stick the jar in the fridge to slow the fermentation down… to be honest, I dunno that I want to stay up for another hour. I’m pretty sure I could just leave it on the counter until morning, but maybe what I will do is strain it out a little bit early, I’m sure an hour early won’t make much of a difference in how much thicker it will get. It will be interesting to see tomorrow morning, once I cap it and set it in the fridge tonight, how much more fermentation will occur and will I get bubbly-bubblies. It’s so much fun experimenting in the "dark arts of fermentation" ;D

So yea, that is basically what my weekend is shaping up to be for the remaining three days I have to myself.

I really hope The Hubbs has fun this weekend with his brothers. I hope that he gets to eat at all sorts of nifty places and hope that he gets to see the water before he comes home again. And of course has fun at the concert ^_^


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