Amazing night was amazing…

Yea, cheap title.

Yesterday, Sahmy had her final dental surgery to remove what wasn’t taken out the first time due to complications. She got through this surgery with absolutely flying colours — no excessive amount of time spent under anaesthesia, no mass quantities of swelling, no hiding under the bed because she was scared when we got her home, just a really good recovery compared to her first. When we got her home, she was very alert, rather owly, in fact and walking around looking for food. She was not a happy kitty. She was hungry and she wanted things to be normal! Knowing what to expect this time around, we’ve managed to divert most of the stress that plagued myself, The Hubbs & Kitty. Right now the only worries we have is that she will heal with no complications and hopefully avoid having her eat hard kibble which might tear out her stitches and cause damage. I am extremely thankful that she has been more or less her normal self, even though she was only a few hours out of surgery. Fingers crossed that we have a smooth recuperation for the next few weeks.

Tomorrow is Daddy’s birthday. As a result of Sahmy’s surgery, our original plan was to celebrate Dad’s birthday tomorrow because we wanted to make sure that Sahmy was alright during the first 24 hours post-surgery and didn’t want to leave the house, but because of a rather odd request on Dad’s part, we ended up celebrating today at our house.

I am insanely tired right now. Exhausted, Moosed up and kinda headachey in fact, but I am extremely happy. I think it’s incredibly rare that I can say that a family dindin has actually made me happy. For the first time in a really long time, we had dinner together as a family where there was no fighting, no bickering, no hurt feelings and no stress. And get this: Older Bro showed up for family dinner. Older Bro showed up to dinner ON TIME. Early, in fact! *swoon!*

It was just amazing. I can’t say that enough. It ranks right up there with last Christmas, in fact, only Baby Skywalker couldn’t join us tonight which was disappointing. But I am not complaining and I am even more thankful for the fact that Mom didn’t bring up the topic in conversation, which would have been an instant black cloud upon the evening.

After finally coming to the agreement of having dinner tonight at our house, it was also decided that I cook dinner. No pressure or anything! Actually, there is no pressure when cooking for my family. Most of the pressure, if you can call it that, comes from the difficulties involved with my brothers not liking specific dishes, but since it was Dad’s birthday they were remarkably agreeable to eating whatever it was Mom & Dad chose for me to make. My real source of stress, to be honest, is hoping that everyone finds dinner tastes good. THAT is my biggest worry when I cook for people… especially when I am cooking something which most people tend to not choose as their first dinner option… or ANY meal for that matter!

So what was on the menu tonight? Originally Dad wanted chicken cacciatore, but then he decided he wanted the cacciatore <i>without</i> the chicken and just veggies instead o_O;; Kind of an odd proposition, but okay. After some discussion, I told him that what we’d basically end up with would be something resembling ratatouille and he kind of liked that idea, but what would we eat with it? At the time, the only thing I could think of was steak, but contemplating it overnight (since I was stuck all night locked up in the spare room with Sahmy and nothing else to do) I was thinking that tonkatsu would actually be a nicer alternative.

I was hoping that Mom was going to call last night to talk about dindin in more detail, but that didn’t happen until this morning and she told me that they had bought a bunch of thin T-bone steaks yesterday. So steak it is. On top of which, she said that they had bought tripe and she was planning on doing it Chinese-style. I am all for tripe, but Chinese-style would not have gone well with the ratatouille and steak. Lucky for me, there is a tripe recipe that I have been wanting to make for ages, Mario Batali’s Trippa alla Romana. And of course because it’s a birthday celebration, the one thing that cannot ever be omitted from dindin is: birthday chicken! Doesn’t matter what form it comes in, it must always be present, so Mom just made a simply salted & steamed chicky… my fave ^_^ The final thing of mention, to round out dinner, was I insisted on having a loaf of garlic bread and a loaf of french bread as requisite starch for mopping up all the juicies on the plate.

I made a freaking huge dinner.

The only thing that’s scarier than that statement is the fact that the dinner was supposed to be even larger than what I made considering all the ingredients that Mom brought over: Zucchini was on sale 59¢/lb and she brought over 6 of them for me to use (I cooked 3). T-bone minute steaks were also on sale and she brought over 4 of them for me to cook (again, cooked 3). Tripe was of course cheap and she bought 4 packs (once more, I cooked only 3). Birthday chicken could not be eliminated from dindin so we can’t forget it, either!

So menu officially became:

  • Ratatouille — made with zucchini, eggplant and homecanned tomatoes.
  • Trippa alla Romana — made with homecanned tomatoes and picante sauce.
  • T-bone minute steaks — marinated in olive oil, rosemary, lemon pepper & garlic salt, cooked medium rare, all sliced and piled up on a serving platter and dressed generously with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Birthday Chicken — simply salted and steamed.
  • Loaf of Garlic Bread
  • Loaf of French Bread
  • Birthday Cake — egg cake with whipped cream & bananas.

That’s it.

That was our dinner and it was the best family dinner we’ve had in a long time.


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