Mojo lost… project found: Purple People Eater Blanket.

I’d lost my crocheting/crafting mojo forever and some ago and it’s been bugging me beyond belief. The weather’s cooled down considerably and I’ve really been wanting to get back into the crafting thing but it’s so hard to get motivated and find a reason/purpose to do my crafting.

I’ve been baking like nobody’s business the last six months (and preserving of course), but crocheting has been a really tough go for some reason. Maybe it’s the usual excuse of it being a craft that’s too hot and heavy to work with when you’re working on larger pieces, but considering I don’t have any large WIP projects, I think it’s just having a lack of focus. I’ve been struggling a lot with lack of focus lately and it’s hard. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s frustrating. *sigh*

So last week I put out a message on Facebook: I’ve lost my crafting mojo again (actually, it was months ago) and am desperately in search of it… have you seen it anywhere? :(

I got a few helpful replies, mainly from The Hubbs’ sister and it gave me a good boost to start working on some ideas. Her littlest ones are in need of some winter stuff — hats, mitts, scarves, etc… but then The Hubbs’ sister replied to my FB post that M would love a blanket and she was sad she was the only one without a special handmade blankie.

When E & C were born, I made each of them a baby blanket to welcome their arrival into the world. I never did that for Mbecause she was born in the U.K. and I wasn’t close to The Hubbs’ sister at the time. The great thing is that we’re certainly on super friendly terms, now that they’ve moved back to Canada, which is awesome.

Thing is, I feel like such a horrible Aunt.

When I made C‘s blankie last year, I knew in my heart that something wasn’t right. Even then, I felt like I was totally leaving M out of something special that I wanted all the kids to partake in — a little piece of love from myself & The Hubbs. The problem was that I couldn’t think of a good excuse or a good time to make and give her her own blanket and the FB post just confirmed my feelings. So sad and so incredibly ashamed at my failure *sigh*

So, I have decided that it’s what I am going to give M for Christmas this year — MUST RECTIFY THIS INJUSTICE! . The hats/mitts for C & E that I was originally going to make to kick start my crocheting mojo can wait until the blanket is completed. Apparently she loves snuggling under blankies with The Hubbs’ sister when they watch movies and stuff, so hopefully this blanket will be a wonderful surprise.

She loves purple, so I am making her a multi-purple’d blanket: The Purple People Eater Blanket. The problem has been finding a suitable pattern. I couldn’t figure out what would make for a good (girly) blanket pattern for a nine year old. My biggest thing is that I’ve wanted each kid to have a different and unique blanket. I’ve done the luxe ripple for E and the round ripple for C. I hate grannies… well no, that’s a harsh opinion. They are by far NOT my favourite design, so that idea is totally out.

I spent a good chunk of time last week on Pinterest after I had come to the official decision to make M a blanket and I found a whole bunch of absolutely stunning and beautiful designs. The thing is, there were a few key points I needed to remember before taking on this project: it had to be easy/simple, fast and affordable. No point in doing a blanket if it was just going to cause me undue pain and suffering.

The patterns I had short-listed were:
1) Wool Eater Blanket
2) Dewdrops
3) Log Cabin

My first choice of designs was the Wool Eater. It’s an absolutely beautiful design that is really nice visually as well as texturally. I tried it and I failed… Four times. Seriously, FOUR TIMES in three days! In the end I had to admit defeat and move on to my next pattern choice. I was hugely disappointed because if the blanket turned out, I was going to make one for The Hubbs and myself. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t make it work. Every time I would make it in a larger hook size, it became a ridiculously ruffled mess. Sad llama is sad.

The Dewdrops pattern is cute enough, but it was designed as a baby blanket and M is obviously no longer a baby. I would have had to alter the pattern to make it wide enough and long enough to suit her nine year old self, which is something that just did not excite me.

That left me with the Log Cabin. I am actually rather pleased it has come down to this pattern. I’ve been eyeing up making one of these one day and Empyress only added to the excitement with her own love of the pattern. Only problem is that I have to go out and buy more yarn. Thursday afternoon I ran off to Michaels to purchase yarn because I had a 40% off coupon that was going to expire that day. With no pattern in mind at the time, I was going along with the assumption that purchasing three different shades of purple would be more than sufficient for any pattern I chose to make at a later date. I was wrong. The Log Cabin requires 6 different colours.

At least not all is lost after my hard work this weekend — I at least got a start on the pattern and have 3 sections of the blanket complete. It’s a pretty speedy pattern since it’s just rows upon rows of HDC. The persnickety part is doing the proper number of stitches on strange sides with no discernible guide to stitch into, if that makes sense. I always have problems "making up stitches" where there are none. Specifically on sides or bottoms of pieces. Cross your fingers that I can do a decent job with this blanket and the lack of guidance doesn’t become a hinderance to me!


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