Purple People Eater Blanket

Last night I put The Hubbs on trick’or’treat candy patrol for the majority of the evening and I got about 1/3-ish of the blanket completed! Examining and thinking about my handiwork, I don’t know if I will make the pattern in its entirety. I want the blanket to be snuggly for M‘s size, but I don’t want it to be a massive blanket for an adult to be snuggling with, does that make sense? Actually, it will probably be okay once completed…

I have come to the realisation that Lion Brand Homespun SUCKS ASS. OMG that stuff is hard to work with. I bought a different band of yarn with similar bulkiness/fluffage and it’s not nearly as troublesome to work with :/ I think it’s also a little prettier too, actually.

I realized last night after I finished up for the evening that I should have maybe waited til I had all my colours bought before starting the blanket. I have 3 solids + 3 variegated now and I wish I had planned a little bit more about how I would stagger the colours before starting — maybe alternate solid/vari/solid/vari etc.. Right now it’s more like solid/solid/vari/vari/vari/solid. I could have easily fixed that last night before adding on the new yarn but I was feeling so sick and in so much pain last night that I just wanted to start working on it to distract myself from taking more Moose. If I can find the camera I might take a pic of it.

I am about 1/3 of the way through thte pattern and I am pretty sure that I will have too much yarn leftovers :/ Although, maybe (hopefully?) I will have more than enough yarn remaining to make some mittens and hats for C & M. I am pretty sure I will have full balls leftover. Some of the variegated are actually quite pretty, but for some reason all the yarn looks rather grey-ish at night which for some reason worries me immensely that M will not like the blanket :( it is definitely a squishy blanket that works up quickly without too much boredom, which is great! My only issue is that the yarn is so drying that it’s causing painful hangnails o_O;; Maybe I will make The Hubbs & myself a log cabin blanket when all is said and done, if I’m still motivated by the end of this.


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