Kitty Pics

I’ve been taking a bunch of pics lately with my cell phone, mainly because:
A) I never think to grab the camera when we’re headed out and about
B) The camera’s sometimes not within easy reach when I’m at home
C) It’s a nice way to put a smile on The Hubbs’ face while he’s at work
D) Sometimes I want to share photos instantly with friends

Having said that, lately, most of the pics I’ve been taking have mainly been of one of two subjects: the kitties and our friends’ babies. So much for living up to the “Shut Up About Babies” tee, huh? Sorry Cesar, I have disappointed you by talking about babies for the last few weeks.

The baby pics I’ve been taking primarily get sent to Empyress & R because… well.. I think they would like to see the pics of the two munchkins that are currently the centre of ours friends’ universes. Hopefully they don’t mind, I’ve never really asked if it was okay, it was kind of just assumed on my part. Maybe I should double check with them both :S

The other reason I take the baby pics is that I’m kind of hoping to get some cute photos of the babies with their mamas & papas so I can print off a picture of each family to give as gifts this Christmas. We’ve never exchanged Christmas gifts, but this is the first child for both couples and I think it’s kind of important to celebrate and capture a special moment in everyone’s lives.

Now that we’ve got our GOOD printer up and running again with fresh ink, I have to really make proper use of it while I can and maybe even see if there are any of our own pictures that we’ve got archived that should be printed as well. It’s kind of odd how we never print photos anymore and don’t have any around the house from recent years. Plus, as far as I can tell, there’s no obviously appropriate place for displaying pictures in the house. Ahh well, one step at a time I guess.

So, seeing as I am very unlikely to post pictures of the new children in our lives, a bunch of kitty pics are being presented instead to cheer up some friends. Mainly Miss Moggsy, but also for whoever else is in need a bit of a smile to brighten their days as of late.

Sorry #Planet! It’s just a whole buncha kitty pics today ^_^

So, in no particular order, Kitty Pics!

Sahmy in the blankets — when the weather gets cooler, she likes being under the blankets

Cuddly’n’Spoiled — Sahmy really likes to be close enough to touch me early in the mornings

Muppet Kitty! Halloween hat that fits Kitty’s head, but doesn’t stay forward over the ears well

Cute’n’Cuddly — she likes to roll over so I can give her face rubs

Way, Way Spoiledwe’ve been letting Sahmy sleep on the heating pad

 in hopes it makes her more comfortable since her second surgery.


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