Another photo dump

I had another wonderful Friday afternoon with Miss R & Lil’Miss E=MC^2.

Takeout Chinese was on the menu for lunch this time: Hot & Sour soup, Salty Fish & Chicken fried rice, and a leftover Assorted Meats & Tofu hotpot from Wednesday night. The Hubbs sweet enough to go pick up our lunch for us, since I had to Moose up earlier, as well he wanted to grab a few things beforehand — mainly the final Harry Potter movie and some new tins of cat food. Sahmy is being utterly picky about what she will and won’t eat in the gooshy foods deparment and it has him incredibly worried, so he’s buying a whole shwack of different brands and flavours in hopes of finding something that she’ll eat again.

Towards the end of the afternoon, just as we were getting things ready for the girls to head back home, The Hubbs came down to the family room to inform me that Environment Canada had a severe weather warning for Calgary — snow was on its way in a big bad way and it was going to make travelling to Canmore a treacherous idea for Saturday or Sunday. Since we still didn’t have snow tires on SAM, and wouldn’t be able to put them on until the 22nd of the month, this left us in a bit of a predicament because when I had ordered the Turducken from Railway Deli they still hadn’t decided if they would be closed for Rememberance Day, on Friday, which is why we originally figured we would go to Canmore on Saturday.

I ended up calling them in a bit of a panic and thankfully found out they were open and they would be until 7pm. WOO! By the time I had hung up the phone and discussed logistics with The Hubbs, it was getting on to being about 430pm and we had to leave ASAP to get to Canmore before the Deli closed as well as get there and back before the storm hit us without our snow gear. So I helped Miss R pack up Lil’Miss E=MC^2 and they were headed on their way home safe and sound.

Friday night The Hubbs & I made a mad dash out to Canmore to pick up my birthday Turducken.

Our drive out to Canmore was pretty tense — the wind was incredibly blustery on the way and the weather was just unpleasantly cold. Once we had safely picked up and packed up my Turducken, we decided it would be a shame to waste the opportunity of being in town and not have dinner since it was by that point about 530pm and still relatively early by restaurant dining hours. We still had a few hours of leeway until the storm was supposed to hit (around midnight) so we decided to pop into one of the restaurants that I had been wanting to try for quite a few years now, but never had the opportunity to. Usual reason is we didn’t have the forthought to make a reservation in advance and more often than not, we’re in Canmore to kick back and relax with D & K, so dining affordably is our usual motto.

Apparently just walking-in on the fly and asking if there are any available tables when you’re wanting to try out a restaurant like Crazyweed, you get a generally unpleasant and slightly hostile response from the Hostess (manager?). Not having a reservation at 530pm, in a less than half-filled restaurant, is frowned upon. Who knew? Ya. Rly.

Anyhow, we lucked out getting a table and we were very appreciative, I just could have done without the bitchiness. After some standing around looking slightly confused (we weren’t entirely sure what we were supposed to do after I asked my question and she gave a very vague response in return) the Hostess found us a table and proclaimed that she could only do so because they had a no-show. She made it sound like she had moved heaven and earth to give it to us — honestly, we would have been just as happy if she had said, "No, sorry we’re all booked up for 530, but we would be happy to seat you at the bar, if you’d like." instead of giving us the attitude she did.

Thank goodness our waitress was much friendlier.

Side note: The Hubbs & I have discovered something in our dining experience at Crazyweed — I am a traditionalist, for a lack of a better term. I don’t like my food messed with and I really am not a fan of the fusion thing. The dishes we ordered were tasty, but I didn’t care for most of the menu items, which is kind of a shame. This is totally my own fault, of course. Not realizing that the direction the restaurant has taken is totally different than what their original concept was only a couple of years ago, I would have realized that it was not a restaurant I would have chosen to dine at. I don’t regret eating there (mostly), now I can say I have it checked off my list of Camore restaurants that I’ve been wanting to eat at.

Anyhow, here’s dinner in photo form:

Housemade sundried tomato foccaccia with an anchovy-citrus butter

Medium plate appy: braised duck b’stilla with "phyllo" pastry and panfried sweet potatoes with indian spiced butter (or something).

The Hubbs’ braised beef short ribs served on a bed of spinach with mashed potatoes and beet salad(?) on crouton

My wild pacific halibut with roasted red pepper tapenade, lemon aioli, brabant potatoes and greens

Crazyweed verdict — Restaurant ambiance was nice, very dark inside and even more so since there are no lights out on the streets of Canmore and most of the restaurant is window. The music was actually okay for my tastes, but it was a little bit too loud after awhile because the restaurant started getting busier and the noise levels would amplify, making it difficult to hear. We enjoyed the dishes we ordered, but like I said, fusion is not my thing. Would we go back? No, not likely. Food was good, but it didn’t wow us enough to make either of us want to go back for a specific dish. We would especially not go back with how we were treated by the Hostess or whoever she was.


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