Purple People Eater Blanket

Look! I’ve finally taken a picture!

I just realized that I took a photo of the blanket in a weird way — what you’re seeing here is actually the prettier side of the blanket, and it’s turned on its side for some reason… the top of the blanket is actually on the left side of the photo and the working side is currently facedown for some reason. I have no idea how or why I took the picture like this.

So here it is, still unfinished and I want to say it’s about 30% complete, but I don’t even know if I’ve accomplished that much at this point. I have no idea how big this sucker’s supposed to be in the end. The pattern says that it’s supposed to have 9 rows of colour on each side and ending with colour #3.

We shall see, I guess — not using the proper weight of yarn will of course have an effect on whether or not I complete the blanket in only 9 rows.

Purple People Eater Blanket


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