I am geeky

So it’s that time of year again.

It would appear that my birthday falls on a Saturday this year. With the Christmas party season, which will be fast approaching, I thought I would send out an email earlier rather than later, as people are going to be booking up their weekends with holiday events pretty darn quick.

Seeing as we have two adorably cute additions to increase our numbers this year, I have decided that I want to go ‘old skool’ with my birthday and have a potluck at our house. Low key, lots of comfort food, lots of catching up with everyone together as a group without the constraints that a restaurant brings upon our large numbers, and my ulterior motive: lots of baby snuggling action. Sorry guys, but it’s true. I am being selfish this year. It’s gonna be all about me snuggling bebehs on my birfday ^_^ (…if their Mamas & Papas choose to bring them along, that is…)

Here’s the "official" birthday menu for 2011:

Saturday’s gonna be fun ^_^


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