Saw Hawt Doc…

Well.. I dunno what to say. I’m actually in a might bit of shock.

I assumed that today was just going to be a same ol’, same ol’ follow up appointment with Hawt Doc and it turns out not so much. Given my complaints of how things are going lately: short of breath, hard to breathe, chest kinda hurts, wheezing, etc etc… it would seem that my lungs are getting worse.

The question is: Is the deterioration from the Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) or is it from the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)?

Hawt Doc doesn’t know.

Looking at my last CT Scan, it showed that it was kinda fuzzy because he thinks I may have taken a bit of a breath during the scan which made for a slightly inconclusive/questionable test result, but at the same time, it’s apparently pretty common for people with my condition(s) to accidentally do so because they can’t hold a deep breath for the full 15 seconds. I’m pretty sure I didn’t take that breath, but whatever, we’re doing another.

Right now Hawt Doc’s just worried that the immunosuppressants are starting to take their toll on my liver as well as becoming less effective at keeping the ILD at bay. The only way to tell if it’s the immuno-suppressants is to do a liver biopsy. If nothing comes up with the biopsy to show the ILD is starting to act up, then it’s the PAH and that too kinda sucks monkey balls (as Older Bro likes to say). Right now it’s a wait to see what the tests show and see what my other doctors say. Hawt Doc wants to talk to the Liver Guy as well as Rheumy II to see what she what she proposes for treatment regardless of what’s causing issues with my lungs.

It’s kinda sucky and it all sorta came out of left field. I seriously thought that this was just gonna be a usual same ol’ same ol’ appointment and then he went and dropped this. The Hubbs’ happy though — actually, relieved would be a better term, and very thankful that Hawt Doc’s keeping a sharp eye out for any weirdness The fact that I’ve been complaining about noticeable stuff, he’s acting on things ASAP as opposed to just sitting around to see what ~might~ happen.

To be honest, I’ve kind of been expecting something to pop up — I’m seriously overdue (like 2 years) for “something” to happen with SALLY and it’s usually around Thanksgiving when my body decides to do stupid shit :/

Figures that it would happen right before my birthday… and SALLY’s birthday (Sunday), too.



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