Early Birthday

Well, it actually started a few days ago.

I got a package delivered on Tuesday from MikeyO — a ridiculously huge gift of my favourite chocolates in the world: Thorntons!

This year he really, really, REALLY outdid himself.

Thankies, thankies, thankies from the bottom of my heart, and like I said earlier in the week: You make it worth looking forward to my birthday xoxoxo ^_^

Limited Edition Continental & Personalized Truffles

As for last night at family dindin, we had a pretty good night. Older Bro showed up early (again!) for dindin and have to run off kind of early (around 7pm or so), but at least stayed until we had cake and did presents. I got a battery trickle charger for my little car, a super warm and heavy birthday blankie crocheted by Mom and some cash.

What really gave me great amusement this year was what my parents bought to put on my birthday cake:

Hello Kitty birthday cake candle!

To be honest, I think everyone else gets just as much amusement out of buying Hello Kitty stuff as I do receiving them ^_^

I didn’t realize that this picture was taken at a weird angle, but this is the cake’s filling. I might get a better picture of it on Saturday when I plan on having another one of these cakes for my birthday party:

Slice of cake

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