My Birthday…

I am once again in a bit of a shock and awe… no, correction, I am in a LOT of shock and awe, but for completely different reasons than I was earlier in the week after my visit to Hawt Doc.

My friends, all of them, and all of you who read my journal when you have the time to spare, never cease to amaze me. Only this time everyone has completely outdone themselves, my family included, all thanks to The Hubbs and the hard work of a very incredible friend.

From the bottom of my heart, a million times over, I thank you. Just having friends wishing me happy birthday either here on Livejournal or over on Facebook, has been more than enough to brighten my day every year.

But this year I have no idea how on earth I have been put on the receiving end of such an amazing birthday gift: a 7-night Alaskan Cruise. The love and support of The Hubbs, my family and our friends has been absolutely stunning to produce such a surprise. I’ve spoken to everyone individually who was in on it and I am still blown away and I don’t even know where to begin.

I have cried more times in the last two weeks from love and gratitude than I can count. The incredible generosity on behalf of our friends cannot be properly expressed nor explained. I still don’t feel like I’ve properly thanked everyone without sounding repetitive, insincere or contrived. I wish there was some way I could adequately express my feelings and tell everyone how much they mean to me because at some point in time it just sounds like I am saying words for the sake of saying them.

Just know this: Your generosity, friendship and love, mean more to me than I can ever express in words or with the tightest possible hug.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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