Purple People Eater Blanket Update

I’ve been working on the PPE since Friday afternoon when the girls came over for lunch, adult conversation and baby time.

I admit I didn’t get all that much accomplished while Empyress, Miss R, E=MC^2, K and Baby D came over for the afternoon — there was too much baby snuggling going on for my part, while everyone else socialized as adults.

I did manage to do a wee little bit of blanket work in the evening, before and after dindin, but the majority of my recent progress came this evening. I think I did about 2 rows worth on each side of the blanket. It’s funny, this blanket is both super fast and super slow all at the same time. Since it’s a square, as opposed to a rectangle, each row of colour that you work on is larger than the previous one because you’re adding about two inches at the beginning and end of the rows, overlapping ends that you’ve already worked, which is kinda neat.

As you can see, because I decided to choose yarns based on colour as opposed to properly selecting based on identical thicknesses, I have a little bit of funky wonk-action going on. I admit, I based some of my yarn selections on feel when I ran out of options after I discovered I needed 6 different colours for this blanket pattern. It’s also kind of odd that Nobility ( purple-grey variegated yarn) is the only yarn of the two bulky yarns that does this wibble wobble waviness even though the dark purple is of a similar thickness. I wonder why that is…?

Anyhow, according to the pattern instructions, this is the completed blanket, minus two rows of border which I still have yet to finish. Problem is… it’s not big enough for my liking. Since I used primarily worsted weight yarns as opposed to the bulky weights, as the pattern suggested, my blanket is probably quite a bit smaller than I was expecting and I certainly didn’t use nearly as much yarn as I had purchased. Apparently I had a few comprehension issues because I originally thought the pattern said to do 9 repeats of each colour per side of the blanket — that would make this thing absolutely huge by the time I was finished!

I don’t know that I want to do too many more rounds of colour, but I do know that it’s not big enough even for a nine year old girl. The Hubbs has suggested that I do two more rounds and then see how it looks and feels at that point –hopefully it will be a decent snuggle-sized blanket and then I can just finish it off with the border and be done with it.

My biggest worry is that the blanket is going to take up too much time and I won’t have any left to do the rest of my Christmas projects that I tentively have set aside for the other two kids. I’m kind of hoping that I will still have the energy and motivation to make hats for C and E ‘s Christmas gifts. I’d also love to make them each a pair of mittens, but that is definitely being far too ambitious and I know that would instantly set me up for dismal failure, so I am just crossing my fingers for the completion of the hats… if I can get those three things done (blanket + 2 hats) I will have called that a success.


One thought on “Purple People Eater Blanket Update

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