Lots of thinky thoughts… thought-jam time.

I got a call from Hawt Doc’s office this morning, I have an appointment booked for January 6, 2012… at 715am.


Really? Why does the PLC insist on booking me so many gawd-awful early morning appointments? I have to check in at 715 and then get another chest X-Ray done and my actual appointment will be at 8am. It looks like the ball has been set in motion for whatever Hawt Doc has decided to move forward with. I assume that he’s finally managed to get a hold of Rheumy II as well as the Liver Guy and they’ve had their telephone pow-wow.

Rewinding a few days to last Thursday, I was in with Fam Doc and we discussed the letter he received from Hawt Doc — he was trying to decide whether to put me on chemo again (or something of that same treatment category) or Cellcept and it all depended on what Rheumy II and Liver Guy had to say about the whole situation.

After stewing on the situation for a few hours, I came across some information on various treatment options for Scleroderma and I discovered that common side effects of the Cellcept just suck. As a starting point, check this out:Tremor, headache, hypertension, chest pain, GI hemorrhage, nausea, vomiting, anemia, fever, infection, sepsis, leg edema. Not exactly fun times, lemme tell you.

Not that the side effects of the Imuran and the Cytoxan didn’t suck, but the whole thing in general just makes me bummed right out. Just for frame of reference, these are some of the side effects of the Imuran, which I am currently taking: nausea, pancreatitis, increased infection, increased cancer risk, anemia. And to finish it off, the Cytoxan (chemo) that I took way in the beginning: bone marrow damage, hair loss, nausea, diarrhea, bladder inflammation, increased cancer risk, increased infection.

I am under the assumption that Hawt Doc wants to start with treatment as soon as possible and seeing as he’s not in the clinic for most of January (according to his secretary) he squeezed me into the clinic as best he possibly could.

So that’s that for SALLY… for now


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