Life is Changing…

Last night we got a call from J & Miss R

I am wowed.

They asked us if we would say yes to being E=MC^2’s Godparents ^_^

I am beyond words and so incredibly blown away that they considered us to have such an important role in E’s life… it just floors me. I guess her peeing on me was a good sign last week? E=MC^2 knew something I didn’t? ;D

Since I’ve never had a set of Godparents before, I had to ask what exactly that would entail. We’re not obliged to be Churchy-Godparents, we could just be Chinese-Godparents, as Miss R put it. This makes me giggle a bit since neither The Hubbs nor J are Chinese, but in fact very, very white.

She said, "Oh.. uhmm.. wow.. what did my Godmother do…? Well, you get to officially be titled “Auntie” now! UHhmm.. mine bought me presents on my birthday… she bought me all sorts of Hello Kitty stuff(!) Basically you guys just need to be an adult figure in E’s life and she will hopefully turn you both to in case she needs to ask questions or talk about stuff that she’s not comfortable discussing with me & J."


"Like when it comes time to have to ~the talk~… You may have to have the sex talk with her." LOL.

When The Hubbs spoke to Miss R the first time she called, while I was snoozing, he said that we would promise to give her lots of love and attention… and possibly spoil her to bits.

I’m still totally floored and blown away – E’s baptism is on Sunday and we’re going to go. I’ve never been to a Baptism before. The responsibility of helping E=MC^2 find her path with her religious upbringing will be taken over by J’s parents (since neither of us are religious, that I am aware of). I am so touched and incredibly honoured that J & Miss R asked us to attend, even if we’re not going to be the ones holding Lil’E in front of the Priest.

We’re officially going to have a child in our lives. A little girl that we can help raise, nurture and educate.

This is absolutely amazing to me and it’s the most incredible gift anyone could ever bestow upon us.



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