First real knooked and felted project!


Oh my goodness, I did it!

I actually made my first real knooked and felted project!!

It’s so adorable — I can’t believe I actually did it! It could obviously stand to some improvement, but I did it: I knooked in the round AND I felted it!!

The pattern is Tiny Owl Knits’ Heartfelt Ring and I did it!


I am so incredibly chuffed! Next ring I make, and believe you me, I NEED to make more rings — this requires some serious practice, you know — I’m hopefully going to have already visited The Loop in Kensington for a few mini skeins of yarn. Though I believe they refer to them as cupcakes ^_^

I’m so excited!

Once I get the hang of properly knooking in the round, I’m going to start making some Hexipuffs! What I really should be doing is practicing basic knit & purl stitches with the knooks. I haven’t really made anything since my first two washcloths and it’s high time I rectified that situation.

Then again, I am feeling rather guilty about having abandoned my candy cane spice worm mittens from December 2010. Perhaps I should seriously buckle down and finish those… but I’m on a roll!

I have the motivation and excitement to do another ring or two! The biggest problems I had with working in the round was not getting my life line all tangled up and trying to identify the proper stitches I was supposed to work in.

As decent as my first ring looks, the felting hides a lot of sins. I am well aware of the poor workmanship I have just created and my stitches weren’t even or even correct in quite a few places — I was just sticking my hook in willy-nilly, any which way, just to make a stitch a number of times.


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