Random Thoughts of the Day

1) Hawt O2 Guy is awesome — I asked him about what I should do when we go on our Alaskan Cruise in May and his said, “You will need your own personal Respiratory Therapist… I’m free!”

2) I will have to go to the office to check out the Personal Oxygen Concentrators (POC) before we leave and then reserve one about a month before our trip. Hawt O2 Guy recommended the SeQual Eclipse(?) to take with me because I can set it to continous flow at night when I sleep. The batteries don’t last nearly as long as other models, but having the ability to run it like a regular oxygen concentrator at home where you can just plug it into the wall has its benefits.

3) I am seriously considering the idea of calling up Spragg’s Meat Shop to see if they will sell me fresh (frozen) pig heads so I can make a roast out of one and at some point perhaps make headcheese at some point. Both procedures really only require half a head, so I would need to get the heads sliced in half. Though, I read that making headcheese would be easier if you could even get the half a head cut into quarters just so it will fit into your biggest stockpot. If ~I~ don’t get ambitious enough to make headcheese, J & Miss R asked if they could get in on the pig head action so they could try their hand at headcheese. I’m totally game for either situation.

4) I am craving Marmite. My jar of Aussie Vegemite just doesn’t cut it for what I am looking for. The texture is completely different and it’s so much lighter in flavour than UK Marmite. *sigh!*

5) I’m still amazed by my Black Forest Cake.


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