EMG Testing Results

I had my EMG testing done this afternoon and I have to say one thing: OW.

Not horribly ow, but ow nonetheless. The whole hour of testing that they did on me was rather interesting, a little uncomfortable, but certainly not as painful as I had feared when it came to the needle probing.

The best way I could explain the feelings of the nerve testing was that it felt like someone was snapping a rubber band at you. While not painful, it certainly doesn’t feel that great… and it’s certainly more uncomfortable when they do the series of 10 shocks at a time.

As for the needle probe, it didn’t hurt at all. It hurt a lot less than a flu shot and basically was exactly like having accupuncture done. The thing that amused me most was that Neuro Doc (of whom I can’t for the life of me recall his name) said the people that find the needle probing most scary & painful are men. Women for some reason have no issues with it at all and it’s only men that end up tearful, passing out (yes, passing out), and blubbering from pain. Really? What gives? Men can’t handle a tiny, wee, little needle prick!? o_O;;; Apparently not.

Anywho. So I now have my very own Neurologist… and he wants Rheumy II to book me in to have muscle biopsies done A.S.A.P. -_-;;;


I’ll have to get a copy of the official diagnosis from Fam Doc on the results of today’s testing, but basically what they found out is that I currently have no nerve problems (yay!) but I do have signs of muscle weakness and damage(?) which explains why my blood tests keep showing elevated enzyme levels.

Interestingly, we briefly discussed my history and found that most of my overall muscle weakness (and the severe leg pains) came during that period of time between my official Sally diagnosis and Hawt Doc putting me on chemo way-back-when. After I had finished my round of super high steroids and the cyclophosphamide, Sally improved as did the muscle weakness/pain. Apparently the normal course of treatment for my muscle weakness is, ironically: Corticosteroids, Cyclophosphamide & Imuran. Guess what I’ve been on and am currently on? :P

So basically, for the last five years, while we’ve been treating Sally, we’ve also been successfully dealing with the muscle weakness issue (way back when) where I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t climb stairs, I couldn’t get in/out of a car and I couldn’t get in/out of the bathtub, etc etc etc…

Had we NOT put me on the chemo when we did to slow down the damage Sally was doing to my lungs, my muscle weakness would have advanced considerably. The thing is, Neuro Doc said that what we’re doing now is pretty much my only option in terms of treatment and just like Sally, this will have flareups and it’s only a matter of time that the muscle weakness will progress far enough along to put me into a wheelchair.

That’s actually kind of scary, now that I think about it.

The thing that bothers me the most, and I think I may have mentioned this 8+ months ago when Rheumy originally brought up the topic, why didn’t anyone think to do the damn testing 7 years ago when I was in so much pain and I couldn’t walk properly? Oh right, I had an idiot family doctor back then who didn’t listen to anything I said. I’m still immensely bothered by this.

So that is what was up today. A little bit of excitement, in that I have a definitive diagnosis of muscle weakness… but a little bit of sadness because I know that it will come back in its entirety, and probably more. *sigh*


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