Scope is done.

Well another scope down and I am still in one piece.

Everything went swimmingly with Wednesday’s GI scope and for some reason it feels like it was three days ago. Strange.

GI Guy said that everything’s looking fantastic, there are no problems whatsoever, there was no food left in my stomach after 12 hours which was awesome and like everyone else keeps telling me: Keep doing whatever it is I’m doing and I’ll see him again in 3-4 months time.


On the one hand, that’s fantastic — no one ever wants to be told that "they found something" or "they need to run more tests". That line of thinking generally leads to rather dark & scary places in my head which I care not to relive if at all possible. But on the other hand, it means that I have to continue suffering with the pain and discomfort that I’m having to deal with on a generally regular, if not daily basis and this troubles me.

I’ve gotten around the problem of getting food down into my stomach by drinking larger than normal quantities of fluids so they don’t get stuck in my esophagus or halfway down. The problem after consuming so much fluids usually involves being overfull and having to purge myself of the excess liquids after I’ve eaten, which sometimes results occassionally in partial bits of my meal coming up at the same time. This is a pretty normal procedure for me and so I don’t think much of it for the most part unless I have the days where I projectile vomit absolutely everything I’ve eaten — that is somewhat problematic because by that point, I have no desire to eat anything at all anymore and I’ll eventually end up with low blood sugar because all I’ve eaten has been lost. We’re still working on figuring out how to get something back into my system when I’ve had a bad eating day.

As disturbing as that whole eating business is, the most frustrating and painful GI issues I’ve been dealing actually has more to do with The Moose than anything else. Lately, everytime I take a dose of The Moose, I end up with incredible stomach pains unless I eat or drink something with the medication. I don’t really know how to get around this problem and usually when I’m in pain eating isn’t exactly the highest activity on my priority list — how is it that something that’s supposed to help relieve me of my pain causes me so much pain that I actually consider not taking it? This is really hard and GI Guy’s answer unfortunately was that he’s not surprised that I’m having problems with it at this point, but to just… try to grin and bear it.

I guess there can always be worse things he could tell me.

The only other news he had was that he’s still waiting to see what the new medication that we discussed last year is like. He has yet to see it and is still crossing his fingers that it will be of benefit to me if he can get his hands on it. I can’t remember the name and only vaguely know what it does — I think it’s supposed to move food through your system even faster than the Champagne meds (domperidone, funnily enough, sounds like Dom Perignon) do.

So that’s what’s going on with GI Guy.

… Onwards, then …

In other news, this year I am finally getting my chance to sign up with a CSA! I’ve finally looked into it early enough in the year that there are still some farms that have CSA shares available!

After a bit of kerfuffle-age, I am hopefully going to be getting a Noble Farms CSA share this year. I should mention that I really, really should have taken the post-operative instructions from yesterday more seriously. Especially the note about not doing anything which involves important financial transactions, driving and anything else which might require proper attention to detail and safety for the next 24 hours.

Fingers crossed that Noble Farms will get back to me tomorrow saying that there’s a spot for us to purchase a half-share in their CSA program and if not, I will be mighty sad. I am also kind of hoping that the CSA will also give me the opportunity to buy some other fantastic products from other vendors at the Hillhurst-Sunnyside Farmer’s Market this year when we do our weekly veggie pick-up. I am really wanting to buy farm fresh eggs from a local producer — yes, they are kind of expensive, but it would be so worth it when it comes to eating. I will probably continue to use regular store bought eggs for baking, but for eating, my goal is to be able to have farm eggs.

*Really hoping for a CSA share this year*


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