Sad llama is sad…

Today was my appointment with the Liver Guy.

I can’t even remember the last time I saw him — a year ago? two years? no idea, whatsoever.

I suppose I could actually look it up, it’s not like it would take much, but I am feeling too poopy to do the work. I was actually feeling okay for the most part, but then just before I left the clinic, my mood and feelings just bombed.

There wasn’t really much to talk about with the Liver Guy — my liver’s current disposition is kind of scarred and we know it. Well, sorta. I think it’d be more accurately be described as fibrotic, in part due to SALLY but more so because of my lifelong corticosteroid use from the pan-hypopituitarism. In the past it’s been referred to as having a fatty disposition; a term that The Hubbs actually thinks is kinda cute, if you can imagine your liver being cute in a chubby sort of way… everything sounds cuter if you call it <i>chubby</i>.

He asked me how things are going and to be honest, I’m feeling crummy. I’m tired all the time and feeling generally… well… crummy.

Crummy, crummy, crumtastically crummy.

In terms of making my liver happy or at least keeping it in as healthy a state as possible, it all boils down to diet and exercise. There’s absolutely nothing new there. We’ve discussed doing a liver biopsy at previous appointments to see how severe the damage has been by both Hawt Doc & the Liver Guy and generally they’ve opted for holding off on the invasive procedure. Today’s appointment was rather new & nifty: he had me do a Fibroscan. The cool thing about the Fibroscan is the results of the test are immediate — if the scan showed that the fibrosis isn’t too bad, then we’d forgo the biopsy, if the fibrosis shows high, well then biopsy it is.

Well, it turns out I am going to be getting a biopsy. The results of the Fibroscan showed high even for a liver with a fatty disposition. I have to do bit of bloodwork before we go ahead with anything to see that I don’t have any weird problems with clotting but otherwise, once the bloodwork is complete, I’ll be scheduled in for the biopsy within two weeks after that. At least with having the biopsy done we’ll get more detailed information of what is happening with my liver and should there be something else going on, at least the biopsy will determine what kind of treatment we should be proceeding with from that point forward.

More tests, more biopsies, and more stabbity stabbyness.



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