Crafty Obsessions…

I have all sorts of crazy awesomeness running rampant through my brain.

I am kind of really excited by the prospect of possibly making an art journal. Not as in creating artwork IN a journal, but actually MAKING a blank journal for people to create artwork in.

I am not at all an artistic person. The idea of making a journal from recycled materials for someone who is creative & artistic, might get excited enough to create something wonderful from a journal that is full of inspiration in itself, and that is a pretty cool idea to me.

Basically I want to be using recycled materials to create the journals for people to do stuff in — I guess kind of like a Smashbook, which is basically what scrapbooks USED to be before it became an obscenely large book that you a few slap pictures in, but designed & marketed for the accumulation of life-stuff to stick into a book. I was so sad and disappointed when the current concept of scrapbooking (cutting out pieces of decorated paper and gluing them in with 3 photos of your kids and one word at the top of the page describing the event) never matched up to what my definition of scrapbooking was when I was really, really young.

The Smashbook on the other hand is totally what I love — you can put all your memories, event stubs, take-out menus, business cards, photos, etc etc into one book and keep it all together to remind you of all the wonderful things that make you happy. I think it’s kind of silly that there’s so much stuff that’s being marketed to go with the Smashbooks, but at the same time, you have to admit, it’s pretty brilliant and so much more personal.

Anyhow, I found this awesome girl on Youtube, JenniBellie, and she has a fantastic Etsy shop called PaperClayJunkie where she sells all the art journals she’s made and they are brilliant. Admittedly, they are pretty funky and I love the uniqueness of each and every one of her creations. Not to mention the fact that she’s so fantastic to have made video tutorials on how to make your very own journals.

I am super, duper thrilled and incredibly excited. My only worry is that because this brilliant project idea came to me while I’ve been Moosed up, I am kind of scared that it will become one of those projects that I start with great intentions & ambitions but then run out of steam before completing… I’m remarkably good at that.

Right now I have a huge stack of birthday and Christmas cards that I have been holding onto for no real reason up until now. The first project I am going to start with, is making a similar ‘memory book’ with the birthday cards and then the Christmas cards will hopefully become a similar art journal as in the video below.

What I really want to be making are the art journals using recycled cardboard from cereal boxes use embellishments from thrift stores or see if there’s anyone amongst my circle of friends that might have crafty (and non-crafty) stuff that they no longer want that I could use. This is the video that totally planted the art journal seed in my brain:

The amount of recycled material JenniBellie uses is absolutely phenomenal! The biggest downfall of me not being a girly-girl is that I have very little to recycle to use for embellishing stuff. I don’t have old bracelets or necklaces that I could take apart to use for adding some fun visual elements to journals. I do have yarn and a minute amount of fat quarters that I could use and a small rubber stamp collection, but off the top of my head, that’s about it.

This weekend I am going to go shopping to buy some basic supplies like: acrylic paints, some brushes (mostly cheap stuff, I hope), some scrapbook paper books, bit & bob-y ephemera I can use to decorate, etc… I also need some basics like a bonefolder, an awl, probably some large-ish upholstery needles to help with bookbinding and I really should see if anyone has any jewellery they no longer want. So perhaps take this as my official call-out to anyone that might be looking to destash their craft collections and/or jewellery boxes, if you wouldn’t mind sending things my way, I would be extremely grateful… and who knows, perhaps I might be brave enough to send a completed art journal in return as thanks!

…But I am getting way, way ahead of myself…

“One step at a time, dear.”, as someone in channel kindly told me tonight ^_^


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