Look! Look! Look!

A couple weeks ago, I made mention of the fantabulous things that were madly running rampant in my head that needed to be excavated from my brain and brought to light in the real world.

Well, I’ve mostly finished the cover to my Memory Book! After spending about an hour yesterday afternoon gesso-ing all the old Christmas cards I had set aside for the project, I decided that I would put the cards with messages that I wanted to keep un-mussed in a separate book. I am going to make second journal that will be just for artsy and creative stuffs. I left a few cards with pretty pics or funny messages on the covers untouched so they could be used as “art inspiration” or whatever you wanna call it — the insides & back covers are totally gesso’d so they can be decorated as I please.

Cover finished! All that’s left is embellishing.

The inside front & back covers of the journal still need to be covered to hide all the rough edges of the fabric & the felt that I used to make it kinda pouffy. I’m thinking that I am going to make paper pockets with my pretty new scrapbook papers to cover up the mess and to hold stuff I might not bind into the journal. The fat quarter ladybug fabric & the pieces of felt I had sitting in my craft stash I bought quite a few years ago when I was making my first crocheted pocket purses. It was kind of nice to find stuff like the fat quarters hiding out in my miscellaneous craft box — it was sort of a big catch-all rubbermaid tub that I didn’t know how to organize up until last weekend when I decided that I wanted to turn the office back into a useable space for me to do creative stuffs.

Inside view of journal

As for the spine of the journal, hindsight is 20/20 and experience is definitely an asset — I should have made the spine taller so you see less of the card backs. I’ll know better for when I make the second journal.

Journal spine

I was originally going to bind the individual cards together in groups of 3-5 to make what I believe are called signatures(?) but I’ve decided that I’m going to be binding in the cards individually so I can put some danglies off the spine for more visual interest I think but I haven’t decided 100% yet. As for the material that I am going to use to bind the cards to the cover, I think I am going to use embroidery floss because I have so many colours available to me in my stash and I could do a multi-coloured effect, having each colour denoting a particular section of the journal. Ie: Green for birthday, Blue for anniversary, Red for wedding invitations, etc…

Different angled view of the journal

Last week I put out a request for recycled bits & pieces that people might be willing to set aside for me like cereal boxes for recycled cardboard, old greeting cards they may not want, old jewellery they may not care about anymore that I could use for embellishments, etc.. etc.. It’s rather nice, in a weird sort of way, to go through the stuff that people are happy to discard so I can repurpose it into something rather neato. The process of making my current journals has been really enjoyable and I’m really hoping that I will have the creativity and motivation to keep up with it.

So yea, that’s what I’ve been up to for the last ten days or so! The journal is almost complete and I’m pretty pleased at how things are going thusfar and am pretty darned chuffed at how much pleasure I am getting from spending time alone in the office with all these wonderful art supplies. I admit I have spent quite a lot of money acquiring the preliminary supplies needed to do all of this craftiness — adhesives of all kinds (basic glue sticks, double-sided tapes, sticky dots, white glue), modgepodge, acrylic paints, water colours, paintbrushes, inkpads, gesso for priming, paper cutters, some pretty stickers & rub-on transfers to add visual interest to individual pages, beads and accessories that can be used for serious bling-action, beautiful scrapbook papers, a bonefolder. This is stuff that I had purchased completely at clearance prices and still it all adds up to being a rather expensive hobby.

But I guess once you’ve made the preliminary purchase of supplies, you really don’t need to buy much as time goes by. Yea there will always be new stickers, transfers & scrapbook papers, but they will all last an incredibly long time and as hokey as it sounds — you can’t really put a price on the amount of enjoyment you get out of the artistic process and the stuff that you eventually create will be absolutely priceless.


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