Darn spiffy art journal challenge for 2012 from Art & Sole.

So I’ve been flitting around the intarwebz looking at different art journal ideas for (future) inspiration and came across this rather fantastic project put out by Art and Sole — the 2012 Postcard Challenge!

The premise behind the idea is that you create 52 postcards, for two fictional characters of your own making, with fictional addresses, and have them write to each other back & forth from the current week’s challenge country.

The brilliance of this is that you end up with a beautiful collection of postcards that you’ve designed, along with a fictional story of your own creation. How you design the postcards and how you choose to assemble them into a collection at the end of December, also becomes a wonderful project in itself.

You obviously don’t have to do all fifty-two weeks, but if you do, you get a pretty fantabulous look at your creative abilities from 2012 all in one place. I’m thinking I would love to do this project myself, but it is seemingly a bit on the intimidating side given we’re already into March and I’ve already missed out on six weeks-worth of countries…. that’s not to say I couldn’t just start now and continue forward, or play catch-up from the beginning, it would just require a lot more pressure, I think, in my case.

Either way, I still think it’s a pretty fantastic project and I just wanted to spread the word about it in case anyone is into art journalling and might be looking for some ideas to create a well-rounded themed art collection.

I don’t know that I can say it enough how much I am loving this idea…


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