Being a sad llama…

So I originally started this week as being completely and utterly appointment free — yay me!

These appointment-free weeks generally seem to fall few and far between… well, maybe not in actuality if you look at my daytimer, but in my head it certainly feels like it.

Last week was the beginning of the onslaught — The receptionist from Liver Guy’s clinic finally called back and booked me the liver biopsy (Monday 12 March 2012) and then informed me of the bloodwork that I would have to repeat (Thursday 07 March 2012). Then Rheumy called to inform me that she hadn’t forgotten about contacting me, she had just been trying to get a hold of Hawt Doc but failing miserably because he is currently on Maternity Leave and will be out of office until May, which she was not aware of until she tried to get a hold of him.

Since we got the official go ahead from Manulife that they will be covering the Cellcept for a year, she doesn’t want to be waiting until his return to begin treatment and wanted to know if he would be okay with me seeing one of his cohorts until his return. The doctor she wants to have me see (currently named Dr.F until I meet her and give her a nickname) actually runs an Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic with Rheumy. So with that, I got a call on Tuesday from Hawt Doc’s office saying that they booked me in to see Rheumy & Dr.F for Friday.

So. Friday, 09 March 2012, check-in at 1155am and then we run the usual whole gamut of baseline testing and then 100pm I meet with Rheumy & Dr.F to discuss the Cellcept.

o\~…Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh…~/o


So yea. That’s what my end of the week/beginning of next is shaping up to be.

Friday my parents are going to take me to the PLC for my appointments, which will be alright for the most part I think, except for the fact that I can probably guarantee that Rheumy will not take too well to my mother and her inability to comprehend medical information. She will more than likely want information repeated and possibly explained several times in an attempt to understand what the plans are for the Cellcept. I see annoyance in my future for Friday…

Monday I am actually most concerned and kind of feeling llama-esque about — The Hubbs isn’t going to be going with me to the biopsy and I’m having kind of a tough time with that. Brit-SIL offered to take me and I took her up on the offer, but I’m actually scared out of the bejeezus about The Hubbs not being with me for the biopsy appointment. He will, on the other hand, be working from home so that when I get dropped back off afterwards, he’ll be there to take care of me. It’s going to be a really long day. Check-in is at 730am, biopsy is at 800am and then I will remain at the FMC for a minimum of 5 hours post-procedure.

Maybe it’s selfish of me to want him to be with me at the hospital for those five hours plus homecare and using up a vacation day, but I am so used to him being there when I have to deal with scary things like biopsies that I’m really not happy about it. But don’t tell him… What I am rather worried about is how I am going to react emotionally before, during & after the biopsy and I dunno that Brit-SIL will really want to have to experience that sort of thing first-hand. She is not a touchy-feely sort of person and I think I get kinda clingy when stuff like unknown testing occurs.

I really should just pull my big girl panties back up properly and deal.



2 thoughts on “Being a sad llama…

  1. Odette

    Where you located to get cellcept covered by manulife.I live in BC Canada and manulife will not pay for anyone this rx

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Hi Odette,

      I am in Calgary and you are correct, Manulife does not cover Cellcept. My doctor had requested for them to reconsider and have it covered for a 1 year duration under some sort of “special permission/compassionate care” title and mailed in all sorts of supporting documents as to why it would be beneficial for my treatment and care.

      Ironically, after we went through all the paperwork, it was decided that the Cellcept probably would not be of very much benefit to my condition after all.

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