Well that didn’t go quite as planned…

Yesterday was my liver biopsy and I ended up staying pretty much the full day at the hospital due to some unforseen complications…

What seemed like a run of the mill liver biopsy turned into a rather painful post-op recovery. What they think might have happened was they could have nicked the diaphragm a wee tiny bit, which put it into angry spasms once the local anaesthetic wore off. They were originally worried that I had a bleed somewhere going on in my liver from the biopsy. They sent me for X-Rays, repeat Ultrasounds and finally CT Scan because they couldn’t see anything clearly. Thankfully everything came out clean in the end and normal looking… except for the unexpected discovery of a dermoid cyst in my pelvis which showed up in the CT. According to the resident who finally discharged me, he said that there weren’t any concerns about the cyst, but Liver Guy will talk to me about it when he gets the results of the biopsy and if he feels it’s necessary, will order more tests for the cyst, but otherwise it’s not a concern.

Thinking about it in hindsight, even though Brit-SIL was an awesome rock and companion during the whole day, I am feeling supremely guilty. Mainly for taking up her entire day, of which we were both only expecting to be at the hospital for the usual “5 hours minimum”, but also because I just realized now that the entire afternoon that we were dealing with the scariness of my post-op problems, it may have totally kicked her anxiety into high gear and completely terrified her. Gah… I feel like an idiot for not taking that into consideration before asking her to take me :(


Anyhow, the biopsy itself went pretty much as planned, but as I mentioned, the post-op didn’t go so great. Since my pain was getting worse every time I inhaled, they wanted me to do X-Rays and an Ultrasound before giving me the a-okay for discharge to go home. The twitching I was experiencing every time I inhaled was considered mild post-op only because I still had local anaesthetic keeping everything mostly numb. Once the anaesthetic wore off, the twitching became full body spasms that went from just below my ribs, right up the side of my neck & shoulder on my right side, to the point of putting me in a fetal position between each spasm. I feel badly. I pretty much terrified the really nice lady that had done my liver scans pre-biopsy that same afternoon as well as the entire ultrasound department that she had to call for help during my… shall I call, “episode”. I think what happened was that once I was out of sight & earshot of Brit-SIL, and once I realized I was plunked down in Ultrasound again, when I really should have been perfectly fine to go home as planned, my body went into epic proportions of scary pain — for myself, as well as the observer.

The thing that gets me the most from the whole day is the continual questioning of my Moose useage. I don’t know why, but every single doctor, and every single nurse would ask me the same questions over and over again specifically about my regular pain and The Moose. They seemed to be under the impression that because I have chronic pain, and I use the Moose regularly for break-through, I would be more susceptible to experience minor pain as major… except… when your lung function is already compromised and not up to speed, and every time I inhale my entire right side would twitch, I can’t imagine that would be considered normal even for a normal person.


I am home, the evening passed mostly uneventfully except for when The Hubbs put me to bed and I had another minor spasm episode (compared to the first hospital episode, that is). Today my side still tweaks every time I try to take a deep breath, but hopefully that will resolve itself over the next couple of days and I’m not in pain, but I am tired and I think I need to go back to bed.


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