I miss my Mommy & Daddy :(

I cancelled my trip to Montreal.

As consolation, for a lack of a better term, Dad said that I can go with them next time they go back to Montreal — when things aren’t so stressful, it’s not so cold, and everyone would be in better spirits. Plus, then I could go to the cemetary and pay my respects to both sets of grandparents.

Dad’s a little unhappy about the fact that he can’t go and visit his parents during this trip, but it’s just one of those things.

In the meantime… there’s not a heckuva lot for me to do. I have plans on Saturday afternoon to make a batch of onigiri & chocolate chip cookies for Baby Bro’s trip to Montreal. He leaves at midnight and has a layover in Toronto for a bit and doesn’t arrive in Montreal til about 8am. Seeing as flights no longer provide any real kind of sustenance on their flights anymore and what they do offer is not only highway robbery but absolutely foul, I thought I would pack him a little bit of a pseudo picnic to have while he’s flying high in the sky. Plus it won’t upset his tum and it will be a nice comforting snack. What he doesn’t eat (unlikely to be any leftovers to be honest) he can always give to Mom & Dad since I imagine they are seriously hurting for a homecooked meal by this point.

Speaking of which, I spoke to Mom & Dad for the first time over webcam the other day… via webcam! Can you believe it?!! Dad’s totally catching up to the world ;) On Saturday afternoon while Dad was hanging around in Toronto during his layover, a very kind stranger helped him connect to the free wi-fi in the airport and we chatted via Gmail for the first time then, too. Whoever you are, kind stranger, thank you for helping out my Daddy ^_^

Ever since Dad’s been in out East, he’s been calling periodically, but it’s always been via Gmail because it means that they don’t have to spend oodles and oodles of money on long distance phone call bills and they don’t have to do the stupid thing where they dial something like 20 numbers before they even dial the number they are trying to reach — he was doing that on Saturday to get a hold of Mom but screwed up every single time because by the time it came to dialing the actual phone number, he would messed it up, thus costing him a dollar every single time. So he gave up and called via Gmail. It works for the most part, but it does have just the smidgenest bit of lag.

When he called me on Monday, it was late in the afternoon for them and they were in the hotel just resting up after having walked around buying some groceries to stash in their hotel fridge for what few meals they could concoct in a microwave and coffee maker. Realizing this, I asked him why the heck we didn’t just do a webchat instead because it would be far less frustrating for me listening to both of them trying to talk (read: yell) at the microphone on his laptop.. and plus then I could see them in person and they could see me!

It was so nice to see them. Mommy looked tired, Dad was rather thrilled that he could see and talk to me in real time without the weird lag issues AND he could also take me around their hotel room to show me the place they were staying in! It was so adorable and I had such a great time chatting to them for almost an hour. He was so cute walking his laptop around the place, “Behind this cabinet door is our microwave and on top there are dishes. Below is the sink, and behind this door we have the fridge! And check out this drawer — it holds all the cutlery! This is the kinky lamp that I thought you might like, it moves funny when it heats up. And check out the bathroom! This glass shelf by the sink is totally useless. Your little brother would love this shower, he could splish splash everywhere, making as much mess and wet as he likes and it’ll all just flow down the drain. And look at all the cabinets with room to stash your things! Check out the view! Look! There’s Chinatown and over there is the hospital where Gramma was and over on this side of the street, can you see it? That’s where we stayed before.”

It really was so nice to talk to Mom & Dad. I miss them so. Dad was so thrilled to be able to see me that he even showed me all the groceries they bought while they were out and about, each item one at a time. They bought cheese, greek yoghurt with honey, some minestrone soup that you can just warm up in the microwave, paris-style pastrami(?) — whatever that is and some other things. He also had to buy himself a couple of hats: a tuque, because he’s balding as he’s getting older and the wind in Montreal was super duper cold and he needed something to keep his head warm, along with a black fedora which Mom totally approved of and said looks quite cool with his black jacket that he’s been wearing.

They’re both tired, they’re both tired of crummy restaurant food, they’re tired of eating everyday in Chinatown and they’re tired of having to spend exhorbant amounts of money to which there really is no fun at the end of all that spending. I think they would love to come home if they could, just to sleep in their own bed, go back to their regular schedule of running errands and calling me and just eating simple homecooked meals. I wish I could make them more comfortable during their stay in Montreal, but unfortunately they’re just going to have brave it out til they come home again.

I asked one of my cousins — okay, technically, she’s apparently my niece, but I refuse to be referred to as “Auntie” to a girl who’s only 10 years younger than me, it’s just too weird — when she messaged me on Facebook to take care of Mom & Dad for me if she could while they’re in Montreal. ^_^

I’m glad I got to see them via webcam on Monday, I do miss them so. I’m hoping that I might be able to do another webchat with them before Sunday, but we shall see what happens.


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